Fastest way to do the new skill points daily?

Trying to find out the fastest way to get the SP from the daily. I’m on an alpha, and doing the tranquils, tried the calm filaments, but either way it takes me about 1.5-2 hours a day to complete the daily since not enough of the 15 drifters, or 15 trig ships seem to spawn per run (at least half the time I don’t see one). So am I missing something, or is this just how CCP views dailys now, burn 2 hours a day trying to get the SP?

Note, it takes me about 5-7 mins a run, so it’s not like I’m not doing them quickly either.

Is it worth it? Do you enjoy the game activity regardless of the measly amounts of skill points rewards? If not - why do things you don’t enjoy in a game? If so do it simply because you like doing it.


I don’t understand your reply to my question that asks, what is the fastest way to do the daily?


doing higher teir filaments gives more chance to encounter the harder to find ones…simple as that. otherwise rinse and repeat till one shows up…

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The sp reward is almost secondary in the dailies (it is that small) SP mainly comes from having you skill queue active and something training all the time


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Ah. Yes of course you didn’t ask for opinion about evaluating whether or not to do something in a game based on if you enjoy doing said activity. My abject apologies.

The fastest way to those sweet juicy skillpoints is to GRIND THAT KAKA BABY GRIND! YEEEAAAA

I’m calling shennanigans on the “Drones” objective. I have killed dozens of drones and not gotten any credit, and I’ve done multiple Filaments of varying tiers with NO drones to be found at all.

EDIT : This reply was not helpful at all. My apologies.

I’ve pressed that one button to hide the daily chores and as a result have had to spend 0 seconds on it over the past years.

found i had to log in and log out a couple of times before it started to work properly !

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