Skill points!

Imagine if you log in to 8 accounts each day and collect skill points and when you get to 150,000 you can collect them. Imagine yesterday all 8 accounts were at 145,00 skill points and when you log in today instead collecting 150,000 skill points per account…
a little lube would be nice next time.

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You were the kind of person that has a mental breakdown over the one time loss of a days worth of SP.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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lol not at all but it was in fact 30 days of skill points. You can no longer collect the skill points

You cant collecf them because they have already been assigned to your characters reward redeem box , you should have received 6 by 25 k skill points on each alt if ypu check .

No one lost sp .

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8 accounts? Wow way too much work.


Reading the dev blog for the release today would have informed you what happened. But you have to be like anyone else and come here and ■■■■■ about something that was mentioned ahead of time.


Actually, CCP said they prorated what everyone has built up and distributed that out so no one lost SP. Relax.


I think they appeared as unallocated skill points. At least they seem to have for me I think. I collected the 25k “gift,” then went to apply it and it said I had 125k unallocated or something like that, on each of my accounts. Unless I’m missing something.


Imagine if you payed attention to the 25k SP gift and saw that you got as many 25k SP packs as it took to get you to the nearest 25k SP block you would have gotten otherwise. In your case it should have been 6x 25k SP all in 1 stack.


Instead of labeling a multiboxer how about suggesting a alterative such as allowing the ability for every capsuleer to hire npc’s?

Such packages introduced could be a Industry pack a Military pack?

We already have the tech in game, just change their standing, require a new skill tree to train. We could even require to fit them and feed them?

Yeah so…

Ah…the undiscovered extra verse of a Lennon song.

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