New Bug On the 150k SkillPoint Rewards

I wanted to inform you of a secondary bug created from the original skin bug a couple weeks back. (Skin and support box). Let me set the scene so you understand: So every time there is a new gift now, all those that logged in before the bug-fix have a different character-selection screen (i.e. we don’t have the redeem icons button on the character selection screen - the one you see before you click your toon and enter the game). This seems to be permanent, as now, the new 150k skill-point reward works the same way (those who logged on before the bug-fix, don’t have the redeem icons button on the character selection screen, but those who didn’t logon before the bug-fix do have this button). That’s not “too big” of an issue, as you can just redeem the items when you are in game for those who were affected by the initial bug. Fine…

However, whatever you guys have done with this bug fix has now permanently set this “different view” for all the new rewards. In addition to this those who logged in before the bug-fix, now are getting less skill points from the reward screen (from the new 150k skill-point reward), than those who did not login before the bug fix was implemented. On my account that did login before the bug-fix was released, i have 36k/150k skill-points on the reward bar. On my alt that only logged in after the patch was released, i have 37,500/150k skill-points on the bar. I login to both accounts every day for long periods, so I know 100% that i didn’t miss any days to claim the rewards. So I believe this is a related bug to the original problem.

Here are 2 screenshots, the first account logged in before the bug-fix was released, and only has 36k SP, and the other who logged in after the bug fix. As you can see, they have different amount of SP, even though I have logged into them both every day.

Here is a screenshot of the account that logged in BEFORE the bug fix:

Here is a screenshot of the account that logged in AFTER the bug fix:


The amount of skill points awarded is random. I’m not sure but I think it ranges from 4,500 to 6,500.

Anyway, I have 4 accounts that I always log in one right after the other and they have different amounts showing in the bar.

1 account has 30,000 SP’s
1 account has 33,000 SP’s
2 accounts have 36,000 SP’s


I don’t know if it matters but your first screenshot doesn’t have the little box at the bottom of the Gift window checked like it is in the second screenshot.

Lower right side of the Gift window (Show Daily Gifts On Log In)

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thats not a bug … thats what it is … at least when i understand right what you wrote

you stat a account … claim the reward … selct the char … left lower corner is a red dot … click it … redeem … boostes and skins are auto activated … BPCs go to your hanger …


Thanks. Yeah, it would be good for CCP to clear up if different accounts should be getting different amounts of SP. Feels to me like they would intend everyone to get equal SP and there is a problem with the system.

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According to the little note on the skill point bar, it states that when the bar is completely filled, the skill points will then be added to the redeem queue.

I’m thinking the log in gifts will continue till that bar is completed… hopefully.

So basically some accounts will take longer to completely fill in that bar and in the process will receive a few more time limited items to mess with.

This character is showing 40500/150000 and had logged in every day.

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It’s not a bug. Allocation of SP is “random”.

The rewards might be interesting to new players, but for someone who has been around for years? I just keep clicking ‘claim’, and don’t bother to redeem any items. CCP op success: freebies that don’t distort the economy.

But they don’t do anything to make this bitter vet log in any more often than I would normally. That was also CCP’s conclusion after the first “thrill of the hunt” sp-for-npc-kills experiment ended a few years ago. The in-my-face commercialism just increases the bitterness. The SP bar filling up in slow motion seems so endless and … pointless (ouch).

A red “7+” icon overlay is a new permanent feature of my neocom.

Pretty crap rewards anyway, the skill points are all i am after 7 day skins and boosters that auto activate (assuming you have biology skill or you cannot redeem at all) can go do one as far as i am concerned.

Sorry DMC looks like i quoted your post, was unintentional

I got my 150k skill points but they did not go where unallocated skill points usually go. They are sitting in my Item hanger with no way to use them. A double click will bring up the information window and the right-click context menu allows me to ‘Create Contract’, ‘Compare’ and ‘Trash It’.

known issue along with the 300 other people that have mentioned it today


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yeah i cant wait for this fort to blow up and take my sp with it!

Today, when I logged into a different account my 48,500 skill points were gone and it started over.

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