Login rewards problem

I have 2 characters on my account and it seems the daily login skill points reward is always going to the character I don’t play rather than my main toon.

I don’t want to delete my alt because they are keeping the name of a corp I own alive incase I want to open it up again one day. but I don’t want to miss out on thousands of useful free skill points.

How do I fix this?

Can you be more specific as to what’s going on?

If you’re talking about the SP bar at the bottom, you don’t get that SP until the bar fills up, and then you’ll get it all at once. It will appear as an item in the redeem items section, and then you can click and drag it to a character from the character select screen, or log into a character, and redeem there.

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Yer exactly that. I saw a bunch of unalicated skill points on my alts skills page and assumed they had been going there. Sounds like I got it wrong thanks for the info.

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