SP Weekend?

What is up with this extra SP, it only seems to work once.

Train skills twice as fast

Log in every day of this weekend and you can enjoy double skill training! Claim an extra 25,000 Skill Points twice as an Alpha and 50,000 Skill Points twice as an Omega that you can allocate freely to train skills in your queue faster. You can claim your Skill Points up until 11:00 UTC on Monday 19 November. Your two Skill Point rewards can be redeemed at the character select screen when you log in, or from the Neocom menu in game.

I got a bonus when I logged in on Friday but nothing yesterday and nothing today. So fail.

My friend from New Zealand and I both sort of figured it’s not a downtime thing but rather a 24h thing since you last redeemed it. Not sure if that’s official or not but just try later.

Friday to Sunday is 24 hours.

Hmm. that shoots that down then. I guess I’m not sure what to do next. Obvious troubleshooting out of the way? Restarting client and all that? I would submit a support ticket. Both days worked for me.

Thanks, that is what I was wondering, was it just me or a system issue.

Yeah for me I was assuming it was a downtime thing, redeem after the next downtime right? My assumption was wrong when I logged in the next day and it was the same for my friend. Then suddenly his worked and a few hours later mine did too. Hopefully it kicks in for you soon.

when youre in the character login screen, there should be a little circular icon on the bottom right.

Click on that.

What does it say/what appears in the window?

Good call, never noticed that icon, I guess I was waiting for the window to pop up like the first one did.

It usually does, but if you clicked somewhere else or something, it could have been minimized.

Yesterday was a bug. Not for everyone claim was available. They fixed that at the end.

I got mine on both accounts for both days

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