Known Issue: Daily Login Rewards 150k SP Issue

We are aware of an issue where the 150k SP reward from the daily login reward system is being incorrectly deposited to player hangars as an item which cannot be used. This appears to be affecting all players.

We are currently looking into this issue and will update you as soon as we have any further information.

Update 13:30 Evetime: We have just deployed a hotfix for this issue - when redeeming this SP reward it will apply to unallocated SP properly instead of going to inventory as an item.

The client does not yet properly indicate this change but a fix for that is in the works.

We are still looking into fixing the SP rewards that were already redeemed before this hotfix was in place.

Update 11:30 Evetime 5/16: A fix was deployed during downtime today that should prevent the SP from being contracted to avoid further complicating the issue. A final fix is still being discussed for those who are missing this SP and is expected to arrive early this coming week.

Update 5/20 12:10: A fix is scheduled for this issue this coming Friday at downtime. Everyone who received the SP as an item incorrectly will have the SP placed in their redemption queue. You will still see the unusable SP item in your inventory, please just leave this in place for now - this will be taken care of after the weekend.

We’ll continue to keep you in the loop on this until it has been resolved.

Update 5/22: A fix went live at downtime today that restored the SP to the redeem queue for those accounts who had it incorrectly go to inventory as an item.

If for some reason you received the SP as an item on your account but have not gotten the SP in your redeem queue please submit a ticket and let us know. The item will continue to remain in your inventory until Tuesday next week.


Tough break.

If someone was to accidentally lose theirs, a hope there’s a way to get it back.


Hey, i got the 150k skillpoints from the daily login reward. I was able to redeemed it and now i have an item in my hangar “150.000 Skill Points” and cant do anything with it… No option to inject or something. Only trash and create a contract.


Is there something i can do?




@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Aurora



Same here


Quotes Arnie in Predator, “its bull****, all of it”

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Same here:

Very odd bug.

Same here. CCP What do?

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Yeah cant use but had that option of selecting trash it.

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Same here to

Thanks for letting us know you guys. I’ve made the devs for this aware. Will be back to you with an update soon.


Contracting it to an alt didn’t unlock this 150k sp item.

Same here

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bug 150ksp same

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Same here - thx for this topic - was about 2 do the same

I will inform my corp ppl

regards Robbe

Same here

Same here CCplz

We are aware of an issue with the current daily login reward system where the 150k SP reward is being deposited to hangar as an item improperly which cannot be activated.

We are looking into this issue now and are working on a fix.

From Twitter…