Skillpoint Compensation issue

That’s great news. However, I only got these 500k SP on one out of several accounts. I most certainly had chars from my other accounts active during these troublesome times as well but only Rivr’s account got the 500k SP while the other accounts have received nothing. These accounts also absolutely definitely were Omega back then and still are.

Any idea what’s happening? Not that I desperately need these free SP but since the dev blog states that each account with Omega status on 20th of March 2018 received those SP, I am a little bit at a loss here.


I don’t think its a 1 button everyone gets sp kinda of thing, I remember reading that It happens over a period of time so maybe your alt’s will get it within a few days.

I also had two separate Omega ACCOUNTS (not alts) logged in at that date and time and only got the bump on one.

I am experiencing the same issue. Of three Omega accounts active for that date only one account received the skillpoint compensation.

Please, file a petition so the issue can be looked at and resolved. Thank you.

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Same happened to me. Filed a support ticket.

Same here. 7 of my accounts that I know have been active for at least the past year never got them. Filed a petition.

I have a suspicion that it may have something to do with how you purchase game time. I tend to use “buy as gift” from my market alt and none of the affected accounts show that usage under their purchase history.

They fixed it! - as the mass reply saying to all players who submitted a ticket:

“Some eligible characters were mistakenly omitted from the compensation. These characters have now been given the 500,000 skill points. Please check to see if the skill points have been provided to one of your characters.”

Thanks guys for the quick solution, it worked, i got them today! :slight_smile:

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haha, its funny when CCP cannot even get the compensation right. Who runs this outfit?

made a ticket, got my SP this DT as well as the mass reply.

All good now. Thanks.

I had a 1 out of 5 “given” the first round.
Now checking the second -round- , seems it worked as intended this time

Thanks for the fix bows ( no mater how much sp you have, free sp is always nice )

and i admit that…

I wanna take your attention on second and third characters on account, which was paid by double training certificate and not getting compensation. Why people with only one character on account get compensation, but characters with certificate payment play same as any omega and suffer to. Petition is sended to RU support and i repeat it to ENG support if not getting compensation.
I call other players with certificate characters create same petition.


no free SP for you, go away.

This is the first time Emika Neosignal has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

You’ll have to take that up via petition, as I have no say in that matter.

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