When will the skil points for error of chatting system be given

Several weeks ago, ccp has said that we will get skill point for the error of chatting system in the last year if we are omega in last year march .Anybody knows when the SP will be given?

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Hu? Already got mine. You didn’t???

When did you get them? or you’re just kidding?

IIRC there were two sets of ‘chat problem’ skill points. The first was for 250,000 skill points, which went to all pilots on all accounts that were ‘active’ on March 20, 2018.

Login, Database and Chat Problems Dev Blog

"After the extended downtime in March due to issues with the deployment of the new chat back end and the subsequent problems, we’ve issued a skillpoint gift to all those pilots who were active during the time of the March release along with the publishing of this blog.

Pilots will find that every character on accounts that were considered active on March 20th, 2018 (the date of the March release and the subsequent extended downtime), have been issued with a gift of 250,000 skillpoints."

The second is to all pilots who were Omega ‘as of’ March 20, 2018, and so far as I know, has not yet been granted. Nor has what ‘as of’ means (specifically on that date only, starting that day and going until the announcement, any day between, or whatever).

Chat System: An Update and the Future

(If it has been granted, or what ‘as of’ was taken to mean by CCP, please correct/update my info. Thanks!)

Don’t know if I should :rofl: or :thinking: here.

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They were already given out, you had to be active during a very small timeframe in order to have gotten them

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After reading the responses to this thread, I’m curious about this as well as I’ve not received anything either.

One of my accounts has been subbed since 2013, with no lapses, and is subbed until 2020, so that account at the very least should have gotten something.

You already spend them all, didn’t you? And now you wish you had some left.

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What did you do with yours? I’ve been keeping most of those we’ve so far gotten over the years.

The last few years I also kept them in the unallocated stack and have 598746 of them at the moment. I am saving them up to inject Titan V (race to be decided) in one huge hit :smiley:

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CCP can we please have that error on chatting system permanently!?
I dont need no skill points!
And I will most certainly resubscribe!

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same here, no lapse in sub, no free SP.

Just to be clear, for the first gift of 250,000 SP, I’m pretty sure CCP stated that to be eligible, you had to have ‘been active’ as of March 20, 2018, which meant you had to have actually logged in to that character within the previous 30 days or something. So being “subbed but not active” would not have actually gotten the SP, if my understanding is correct.

The second gift of 500,000 is supposed to go to the highest SP character on any account that was actually Omega(subbed or plexed) “as of” March 20, 2018, for whatever “as of” means (it’s an ambiguous term). You did not need to be ‘active’, just Omega.

I personally received the 250,000 SP on all my characters, both Alpha and Omega. I did not receive the 500,000 on anybody, but I suspect that if I went back and checked, my two subs (at that time) would have lapsed at the end of February or early March, and wouldn’t have picked up again until late May (that was my busy season at that time, no EVE for hard working Kez!).

If anyone could confirm that they received the 500,000 SP on their highest SP char that was Omega “as of” March 20, 2018, that would help answer the OP’s question.

So to get the compensation for the chat problems that lasted almost a full year, you had to have Omega status on 1 spefic day?
CCP must be trolling us … or they are going full EA.

Why not 50 - 100k SP for every month of Omega time you had since the release of the broken chat system?

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Maybe because everyone who whines about it is actually greedy, needy and in no way or form should receive any … you princess.

Skill Point Compensation Delivered

It’s a done deal. Time to get back to arguing about whatever ‘as of March 20, 2018’ meant and whether that was a fair way to allocate for months of chat problems.

They were delivered at downtime today.

If your account was Omega Status on March 20th 2018 and you did not recieve 500,000 unallocated skillpoints on the highest skillpoint character on the account, then please file a support ticket.

The GM Team will double check to see if you were omega during the correct time frame and will issue skillpoints as required.

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Looks like there was a wide spread issue here, I didn’t get mine on either of my 2 accounts, and at least 1 other person in corp didn’t either.

Submitted a ticket under Accounts -promotions and events…not sure if that’s the right spot, but will see what happens.

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I was advised by an ISD staff member to file under type> Game Play Support and Category> Reimbursement > Skills, Skill Training Queue & Neural Remaps

I didnt get my 500k on this account or 1 of my others - so ive filed a support ticket

Interestingly - they were Omega - I think they were covered by gametime from a Galaxy pack - I wonder if its only “subscriptions” that get the free sp?