Unfairly Distributed Skillpoint Compensation

So for weeks we’ve been hearing rumors about a 500k skill point compensation to all players for the horrendous problems with the local, corp and alliance chats all due to the wonderfully implemented XMPP chat cluster. Then this message pops up on the launcher telling us that if you held omega status on the day the cluster was implemented (March 20th 2018), you were being compensated for the extended downtime and (here’s the keyword) instability caused by the cluster. How about compensating us for the instability and downtime that persisted throughout the year, caused by that cluster. The constant downtime we’ve experienced throughout the year when there has been no local, corp or alliance chat available, and I’m talking hours and days when those chats have been unavailable. Giving a handout to a few people for one day doesn’t really seem fair in comparison. To be fair, compensation is due to the highest skilled character on each account between the implementation date of March 20th 2018 and the day you actually fixed the chat cluster.


So you want CCP to give everyone 1 000 000 000 SP just so, because there are bugs in game? Just no. Even those 500 000 are plenty IMHO.

Your math is flawed, sir. I said 500k, not 1B skill points.

500 k x 200 of your unused alts = 1 B. But 1B was not the point. Just an illustration of greedy players requests. :slight_smile:

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I suppose I should have known from all the warning messages provided when I went to sub (a week after Mar 20th) indicating that the games chat system was broken, so that I was duly informed before making the decision to subscribe… wait, no… that didn’t happen at all.

What was the reasoning behind not giving the SP to everyone again?

If that’s your mathematics level, I have 50 million units of Mexallon in Jita with your name on it.

Normally it sells for 58/unit but I’ll do you a special price. Just 22 billion ISK, that’s 44/unit.

They had to draw the line somewhere. This is where they chose to draw it.


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I have 2 alts, actually. And let’s make it even more fair. Only 500k skill points given to the highest skilled character owned by a player. That is, all the accounts associated with a player’s name, email address and payment info, therefore only a single character per PERSON would get it. But hey, kudo’s to you for making an assumption, and we all know what happens when you assume.

Yes but there are some people like me. Who have around 20 gmails and one eve account for each email. (This was before I realized that you can have multiple accounts on one email).
Also, if you omega with plex, there would be no payment info. That could potentialy mean that I would get like 10 mil sp free.

On the other hand I rather like this idea. With 500mil sp on each character i could make 400 mil on each account by extracting it. Also could have the effect of lowering the injector costs.

I deleted my comment but I’m gonna re-post it.

I took a short break from EVE apparently at exactly this time. As a result I got zero SP on all four of my accounts, despite being a loyal subscriber since 2013. I’m not sure how long I missed it by. Could have been a few days, could have been a week or two. I went on vacation, took some relax time from burnout, then came back.

I suffered through the chat issues along with everyone else. Local has been broken for over a year and on occasion still is, this isn’t an issue that occurred on that extremely arbitrary date they picked.

I think I’m the only person in my corp who got zero SP on any accounts at all, but there are definitely a handful around EVE of people who were unfairly excluded. I find that pretty annoying.

CCP had to draw the line somewhere for sure - but I don’t think they couldn’t have picked a less fair and more exclusive way to do it.

What’s more, they didn’t really make any effort to meet these people halfway - GMs response to the petitions was more or less “wow lol that sucks for you I guess, sorry about that.” At least some effort to make it up to players that were excluded would be appreciated.


I think it was people that omegaed with plex who didn’t receive the sp. send a support ticket and you should be fine

I’m in same boat as you, I’ve played since beta with probably 2-3 years in total I’ve been unsubscribed. I re-subbed first week of April. I’ve been to multiple Fanfests and eve meets and probably paid ccp over £10k since the game launched.

I have billions of sp and 100’s billion in isk/assets so have absolutely no need for the free sp…but this is probably the most annoyed I’ve been at ccp for a decision. I just can’t see how they thought this through and thought it was a good idea. As I said it’s not about isk/sp it’s just the principle that I have experienced the same chat issues and some people get an apology whilst I just get the middle finger.


Yeah. It’s not entirely about the SP. It’s about the middle finger from customer service.

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