Thank You, CCP! SP Delivered for Chat Issues!

500,000 SP is very generous compensation. I was not expecting that.

Thank you.


500,000 SP’s

Cool, and gratz.

So all players are getting this, right?

Guess I could log into the game and see if I got some extra SP’s.

No, despite the fact that chat problems lasted for the better part of a year, you only get the 500k on your highest SP character on accounts that were Omega as of March 20, 2018. If you subbed two days later, for instance, well, the jokes on you.

If you believe you were subbed on that date, and did not receive the 500k, check this thread for more info (towards the bottom):

When will Skill Points for Error of Chatting System be given?

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I subscribed knowing that the chat system of the game is having trouble so I got no SP.

Well I didn’t really know, I only figured out that the chat system was broken the few times I was surprised by people in system that weren’t in system according to local chat. But I wasn’t subscribed a year ago at a specific date so that doesn’t matter.

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Well, just checked and I got 500,000 SP’s too.

So like the OP of this thread, I also say thank you CCP for the extra SP’s.

Removed 9 days and 6 hrs from my current skill plan.



I subbed March 26th 2018. Apparently not on the arbitrarily chosen date, so didn’t get the SP. I suppose I should have known from all the warning messages provided when I went to sub indicating that the games chat system was broken, so that I was duly informed before making the decision to subscribe… wait, no… that didn’t happen at all.

What was the reasoning behind not giving the SP to everyone again?


You did not pay CCP at that time. You do not get the gift. Try it in a store near you. You will get a lawyer appointed to you in case you can’t afford one either.

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Agreed, wish I was around so i could get the sweet hookups lol


I resubbed my accounts on the 4th of April and have been subbed since. Of course not entitled to the SP hand-out because of those two weeks. I am curious how the people who subbed on March 21th feel about this.

I was subbed on 3 accounts for the last year. No SP for me. Apparently CCP doesn’t like me.


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