Promised 500000 skill points

Does one of you know when CCP would like to credit us with the promised 500000 skill points?

We could try and ping @CCP_Falcon and ask politely if there is any progress on either of the two (?) SP gifts that were mentioned in regard to the chat system SNAFU’s.


OP’s obviously trolling and the others are playing along.

The SP have been given already!

really? never noticed that on any account…


no they have not, ive no SP on either of my accounts

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You guys are no fun. :slight_smile:

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Some of us are…


Got it on this account. my other account didnt get any

yeah i got too… half of account got and half not, but its because they were created on 23 march… and as we know, sind 20 march we never had problems with chat or local or jita market or or or :slight_smile:

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I see youre as perceptive as usual, Arisha.

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