Skilling spree and CCP indifference. CCP Falcon must leave CM seat!

Skilling spree is over and now we have full picture of this fraud.
A lot of people reveal their score from event and we can see that it’s complete unfair.

Some characters get ~300k and other get almost 500 (!!!)
Can you explain this **** CCP!??
Yes yes, you say “it’s random”
But no. It’s not random. It’s fraud.
You give some people more than others “just because”
In fact, even alpha’s can achieve the goal of event and get more SP than omega.

It’s stupid and unfair.

Second part is about @CCP_Falcon
When the event starts a lot of people asking about random.
And what @CCP_Falcon did? He just close every thread and merge it with “Feedback” thread.
Which if fact was a “trash can” thread.
Beacuse feedcack suppose answers to question. And @CCP_Falcon did not answer any question he recived which literally means the he’s dont give a **** about players and their questions
He found time to merge dozend of thread, but cant found time to type few word.
And this is Senior CM??.. What a joke.

So. What i personally want and from all people who feels cheated after event.

  1. Compensation of lack of SP to ALL PLAYERS up to a maximum SP achieved during event.
    And dont say “it’s impossible” CCP. You have this data and ability to do that.
  2. @CCP_Falcon must leave his seat and never again allowed to deal with community business.
  • Best regards.
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er, well, that’s just not going to happen…oh, and best regards to you, too.

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It’s random.


CCP made an error when various devs, GMs and ISDs gave out statements at the beginning like “players will get roughly the same SP”. Clearly, unless they had a hidden mechanic running in the background, there was no way in hell that a random 10k/25k/50k selection was going to give players even close to the same amount.

(And if you believed them when they said that, then obviously you haven’t been paying attention to CCP’s record of truthfulness/disclosure over the years.)

It also shows clearly that CCP does not (as usual) understand why people play (and pay for) the ‘right to compete’ in an open ‘PvP sandbox’. They don’t understand that ‘relative competitive advantage’ is a key driver for that crowd, and so they just think of terms of ‘throw some loot out the door to stop our embarrassing login numbers from getting even more embarassing’. Or possibly it’s just to hit a PA bonus payout goalpost.

That said, even the difference between someone getting 300k and someone else getting 600k is hardly worth making a fuss about. It was free, it encouraged some activity, nobody is going to beat you because they got 4 50k days and you only got 1.


Even so - why CCP didnt say it straight? Why players must wait 28 days to reveal this?

my 150mil account Omega never got a skill reward over 10k while a Alpha account not linked to any email on omega constantly got 25 - 50k rewards go figure - random my ass

I am forwarding this to my lawyer in Texas CCP you will have LAWSUIT if you do not act with honor now :point_up:

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Doubt this would hold up

The OP is a petulant whiner.

I figured the event would last approximately 29 days, so the minimum per character would be 290K skill points. My three characters on a single account got 400,420, and 460k. That’s 38%, 45%, and 59% respectively over the minimum.

I remember when there was no skill queue, and I would wake up in the middle of the night to log in and train my next skill. I would have been ecstatic to receive a large amount of skill points for doing practically nothing.

I knew someone would be criticizing this giveaway when it was over, so that’s why I kept track. Sure enough, someone stopped sucking his/her thumb long enough to post a complaint. I would say “get over it”, but the OP has entitlement issues up the kazoo, and EVE is just another vast insult to his/her privileged existence.


@Vex_Liri HTFU


People are whining about free stuff that CCP were under no obligation to offer in the first place?

Please have the common decency to reserve the whining about free stuff until its traditional place in the calendar.


/shakes head sadly

grumble grumble gerroffmyfeckin’lawnyerbuggers grumble grumble


A law suit could be filed within the EU if you was part of the EU :wink: game companies have been sued in the past :shushing_face:

And what would you sue them for? What’s the exact crime they did according to you? Do you have evidence of this? Beyond your own accounts? Do you have factual evidence that this was a pre-planned and done on purpose?

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