Why so greedy CCP?

Last anniversary you gave us more than 1 miilion SP (last reward for omega was 1кк) and tradeable skins
And now only 450к total and non-tradeable skins!!!..

Can you be more generous pls
Why not give players that f**king million?
It’s only half month of training
And 450k is just a ~week.

10-days event give less SP (in time equivalent) than lasts itself. What a joke… :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

It is only the 17th anniversary, not a big deal. I’m sure they will give us extra-cool stuff for the 20th anniversary.

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You should demand more than just that…after all, you’ve earned it.

Great title BTW…very accurate. “Why so greedy”


idk I thought the ones on the list we can see are alright.

I’m actually amazed at how many SP they give away now compared to years ago…it’s a bit shocking really…


I remember when you had to grind Learning skills before you could get any real SP in anything else.


Like undock shoot something hey here are some free skill points for your efforts.


If you dont want it, then dont redeem it.

I, for one, am happy to recieve my 450k.

It’s better than nothing.

Stop being so entitled. 5 years ago, I wouldve loved to have recieved 450k sp for free.


I want but why last year was more than 1kk and now only 450к?

Just saying.

Because we needed those extra skill points last year to train up for the Triglavian invasion! Duh.

the world is in a hard place
ccp dont have much money to spend on anniversary this year
maybe next year thing would be better

Not likely. Event rewards have been declining in quality for years. This whole Auto-Application of rewards is the latest poor decision.

Back in my day we didn’t have all these newfangled rewards. You flew the same ship as everybody else - no hot-rod paint jobs! And if you wanted skill points, you waited! Months! And you set an alarm for when your skill training completed, too.

Kids today just don’t get it.


“Extended downtime tomorrow, don’t forget to set a long skill!”


What I find disappointing is still getting Apotheosis which are from 2008 Eve birthday… Would of liked a unique ship of some type but no just the same old stuff recycled thats been given out for years. They could of made a little effort.

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yeah kids nowadays …

You remind me of this:

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Another brilliant thread from @Mr_Raven_101 about a game he obviously loves. His free stuff isn’t good enough.

Let’s give him more so that next year he gets upset that he didn’t get even more than this time. And then the year after that he can get even MOAR! And then EVEN MOAR than even MOAR!

Can we stop feeding the dipshits and moochers and maybe they’ll go away. Take out the all the sp rewards and just give us funny items with subtle/clever references.


Dude, Its free gifts.
Stop complaining.
Maybe think youre the greedy one?

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i just received some free sp and I’m fine with that
ty ccp :smiley:

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