Lunar New Year

CCP going all out, a solid 1000 SP. Such generosity. Wow.

Don’t spend it all in one place.

Yeah…that went really far towards the 23 days I still have left on Advanced Weapons Upgrade V. Hard to believe that 16 months into the game I still have these absurd 3 week waits.

Would you like a tutorial on how to purchase skillpoints? Cut that three week wait down to a three minute wait?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I know how to purchase skill points…have already done so once with a 400m Injector…which was basically a miserly 4 days. 23 days would be something like 2.5 billion…twice the cost of the ship I want the skills for, lol. Just not worth it, in my view.

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Then stop whining about wait times.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


For me it shows 40000SP reward in total, not sure what you are looking at … still nothing if you have 250M SP.

I lol’d when I saw that reward on the launcher today.

At some point, Hilmar decided that anything from CCP/Eve was more precious than gold, and that type of thinking has infected CCP value-decisions ever since.

CCP is pricing and skin-flinting their way out of the gaming market. Scrooge would be embarassed to hang out with them.

So, free stuff for a click, why complain, right? But when I look at the events and give-aways that’re standard in the other games I play, EVE is such a joke in comparison that it simply reinforces the viewpoint CCP is hopelessly out of touch with the market.

“Here’s your event reward worth almost 2 cents. We’re sure that in these tight economic times, everyone can appreciate this value. It’s totally respectful of your time and attention. You’re welcome.”

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It’s mostly to help new players. 1000sp at log-in, 10ksp for killing 5 NPCs, 50ksp for doing missions ( learning in the process )… it can add up.
@Altara_Zemara But on older characters all of the above mentioned add up to a few days of training at most.
I looked at the training time for the Hecate. It’s one of my short-term goals. 30+ days of training, plus more weeks to train on its specializations. 1000sp won’t get me there much quicker but the sp at log-in add up, Omega speed too, so all that takes a third off training time.

When they talk about Lunar Moon Cycles, are they referring to the Moon Chunk Explosion cycle?


Ill trade your 23 day wait for my 1500 day wait

note to self: insert generic corporate apologist comment about “them not having to give you any rewards at all so stop complaining and be thankful you’re getting free stuff” after coming up with a clever pun for “lunar”

Anyone can do what I did to be able to fly all sub cap ships at max (cept the ping pong ships) and play the game as long as I did.

And a few caps as well maxed out.

The reward SP is really low, give ya that.

And I’m not sure why there are fireworks as reward… like there’s not even a festive launcher included.

Boosters and skins are meh. I give the lunar festival a generous 6.5/10.

Edit: spelling fixing.

WOW OP you sound like all the other “Entitled” people out there. Gimme gimme gimme. Its simple. Dont like it then dont log in. Go find another game.
Back when eve was great you didnt get free sps or able to buy injectors. Training time was real time.
CCP please wipe the server and roll back to 2004 then watch these "Entitled " really whine hahaha

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yay! - It’s the year of the Rabbit!

What for are you waiting so long? Titan lvl V?

Currently training AFK Orca Punting to V…

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Currenty training for Peek-a-Boo Cloaking Device :face_with_peeking_eye:

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