2500 SP reward? Really CCP?!

And why not 1500 or 500?
Try better, you can do it! ( :man_facepalming:)

ССP completely disrespect us with such “rewards”.
Better nothing than this pittance.




Not even a hours training time, jokes on us lol

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Would you prefer Eve dies and goes offline?

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i cri evertim

When you accepted it you also got more SP in the progress bar stacking up.

Bribery to log into games works, deal with it.

Would be even sweeter with a native Linux client.

:red_circle: Are the 2500 SP enough to train L1 of the skill that you got as Omega? If yes, I can see what CCP did there. If not … :joy:


Yes. Then I could have my life back.

hey, every little bit counts.

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So don’t claim it…

You’re talking to the entitled generation

Which one?

Anybody that complains about free stuff.

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Ah the two either side of me that dont know who Billy Corgan is.

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Just quit already.

i have to admit the wording on the related articles got my expectations up for this event related to SP, but hey, free SP nonetheless! \o/

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Free SP was designed to go with the skillbooks… and it’s still free SP - just be thankful it wasn’t another shitty BPC or 7 day skin you can’t use


This is literally what CCP announces for the new events

thousands of Skill Points and Booster Gift Boxes

I don’t know why the first time I read it , in my mind it was Millions of SP :smiley:

Feel free to extract any free skillpoints and contract them to me for the price of the extractor if you don’t want them.

Please call one of our highly trained operators so that they can can comfort you in this very trying time.

Call now: 1-800-CRY-MORE

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