Skilling Spree - Event Feedback

We’re happy to announce that as of today’s daily downtime through until daily downtime on August 21st, pilots will be able to earn up to 50,000 additional skill points per day by taking part in New Eden’s first Skilling Spree as part of the Season of Skills.

Each day, pilots will receive one of three randomly selected challenges at during daily downtime that offer either 10,000, 25,000 or 50,000 skill points as a reward for destroying NPC vessels.

If the challenge is completed successfully, the skill points will be rewarded, and the pilot will receive a new challenge at the next daily downtime.

If the challenge is not completed successfully, it will be replaced by another that’s randomly selected during the next daily downtime at 11:00 UTC.

There’s never been a better time to get out there in space and start blowing stuff up - these challenges are valid for any NPC in New Eden, so take no prisoners, give no quarter and grab those skill points while you can!

If you’d like to leave feedback, feel free to do so in this thread!


We’re aware that there were a few issues where some players experiencing issues receiving rewards from some of the challenges.

We have a fix in place for that now that stops any new occurrences of the issue, however it doesn’t un-stick the challenges for those who’re in limbo.

If you’re trapped without a new challenge, please file a support ticket.

The customer support team will give you the SP rewards you’re missing and will make sure that they issue you a new challenge to unstick you.

Sorry for the delay in response here, hopefully this clears up any confusion.


One of my chars has completed the daily mission, It says completed on the tracker, but, has not received the sp.

Also, can you confirm every char has the same set of missions for the entire event (so the same total SP), but, are offered in a different order?


sooo… dumb question, how does one redeem these skillpoints once awarded?

Love the free points; hate that RNGesus is involved.
May have some very different final SP totals.


Well it’s not a bad event. Better than nothing I suppose!

However, the numbers are all ridiculously low. 1 kill for 10,000 SP? ONE npc kill?! If it were something more along the lines of 100 kills for 25,000 SP it would feel more like a to-do and not just something I could complete with my eyes closed.

Also, next time make it fair by giving everyone the same mission every day. Maybe make it so the first skilling spree mission gives 10,000 SP for everyone, then increase the difficulty and reward each successive day! :slight_smile:


Can only agree with what’s already written, remove RNG, make it harder to get the SP and make it harder day by day!


You better just get rid of the entire SP system. It isn’t worth jack ■■■■ anymore.


Daily rewards are back? I thought they were removed because they had bad influence on player base and players didn’t like it. You guys are so desperate…


Get rid of the RNG crap all players should get the same amount of sp tbh.


Seems like a bit of fun, why not. It just means new characters can skill up faster.


A lot of the people i spoke with today after logging in are disappointed about the event… they expected a nice involving event with lots to do, Then they log in to a sad “kill 1 npc for 10,000 SP” and some of them just logged back out… Thanks CCP.


It degenerates into a skillpoint flood. I would find it much better for the next events if the skillpoint levels of the players were to be divided, similar to Injectors.

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What’s RNG?


Random Number Generator

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Maybe the data with the blackout doesn’t look so good and you would have to come up with something fast :wink:

Anyway, I find it unfair that old players get the same reward as new players.



Can you give us clear explanation please:

Overall SP during the event is same for all players, or it’s RNG and someone can get 1.500.000 SP and other can only get 300.000



Who ever thought of this stupid idea should be fired on the spot. 1 kill and you get 10000SP might as well give it away for free!


It’s all about the RNG/luck what mission you get and how much sp you can gain. Make real objectives like kill 50 rats for the easiest task or mine x amount m3 in ores before you get a reward.

So remove the RNG, give everyone the same missions. And make them actually do something for it in stead of killing 1 rat and than wait 24 hours just to repeat again.


Good Question, i opened a thread in an attempt to ascertain that same information from CCP:


Well it does a good job of keeping the login numbers high when there’s a Blackout on. Just a thought.