Skilling Spree - Progress Bug ** UPDATE **

** UPDATE ** As per @CCP_Falcon response on the official forum thread, seen here, Pilots who are in a stuck state with the daily missions should submit a ticket, as a fix has been deployed to prevent any further issues, but does not unstuck those who are already. No info on compensation SP for missing several days of missions however. ** Update **

I have created the new topic on this event, as NO response has been given to the issue highlighted in the Official “Skilling Spree - Event Feedback” Thread.

It has now been 3 days, or downtimes, since the issue was raised, as you can see here, I replied as soon as the official thread was created to suggest that there was a problem with the event. some 350+ responses on that thread, many of which say people have the same issue I highlighted.

So what is this issue I have got all out of shape about?

This occurred after completing the mission to kill an NPC. No skill points where awarded, and no timer to show how long until the refresh of the mission.

Re-logging, did not fix it. Clearing Cache, did not fix it. Waiting until after the following downtime, did not fix it.

The issue does not lie, solely with not receiving a days free SP, but also, the missions are not being refreshed after downtime, thus “blocking” any further progression, or receipt of further free sp.

I, and others have submitted bug reports, and many have said they have also submitted petitions. (I have not submitted a petition, as I do not wish to clog up and already over worked resource).

Please respond to this thread if you are also having an issue, and show CCP that this is affecting many of its player base.

@CCP_Falcon - a response would be greatly appreciated by the player base I am sure, on this issue, and other topics from the official feedback thread.


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