Bug - skilling spree - Daily pvp missions no refresh

“Hi, Capsuleers will be awarded Skill Points during the Skilling is Just a Means of Communication event for PvP kills, with daily challenges being issued at downtime each day between 12 March and 14 April.”

)I have not the option today in my accounts…

bug ?



yea it just did not show up after today’s dt

Maybe CCP decided to end it prematurely, probably because most people just killed their alts and this was not what they were trying to encourage? It was hinted at this yesterday, instead of “next challenge available in…” the text displayed after getting 10k sp was “complete”.

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it can be, i remembered they said something about giving 10k sp reward on killing fw npc ships

They just forget it this time => ticket

I also noticed the same problem !

But it seems that the Community and the Developers are not very interested in this event !

Does anyone know how to notify a Developer to be aware of this Topic ?

Other people report in reddit/r/Eve, one ccp people answer there.

They are notified.

indeed https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/fnin1v/pvp_event_not_active/

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