Skilling is just a means broken again

Looks like the event isn’t available again :frowning:

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Yes same like last time, this event seems to be given manually every day .
It is only 10k … and hearing the podcast , looks like between the 9 and 14 there will be some kind of weekly bonus .
I am tired to kill my poor alts …

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I had it disappear for one day, then it came back the next. Haven’t had a problem since. You can file a support ticket, but they seem to be backed up thanks to RL. So, it probably isn’t worth the time.

Yeah … It’s the second time they forgot to run the “Skilling is Just a Means of Communication” Event !

I miss the “Cerebral Accelerators” Events !

The old ones …

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Not anymore , they begin to be costly more than an injector per skill point which is kind of silly .
low rate dropping , BPC ( you have to manufacture them), bigger ship to drop them, no more alpha compatible …
Bring back the old "crimson harvest "

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