Greed in the nutshell

Last killing spree: 10k SP for single kill task

Killking spree now: 2500 SP

This is literally proof of CCP’s greed
Thye release P2W SP pack and now we got this.
Too much for just a coincidence.

What’s next CCP? 1k SP for kill? 500?
:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Not even woth to undock.

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Before they started giving you free skill points, why did you undock?




I don’t know that CCP is in THAT driver’s seat innymore.


Another classic Raven thread


SP for nothing and isk for free.

Oh wait it’s not a Dire Straits thead.


You either get a 5000, 10000, or 25000 reward. It’s random which challenge you get per day, but each account will get the same total reward during the duration of the event. No need to get your knickers in a twist.


But anyway. with 10/25/50k reward it’s worth to complete the task
Now it’s not.

2500 for single kill. (which most common task)
10000 for 5 kills.
20000 for 10 kills. (maybe, i dont get this task yet)

Even if we imagine that we get at least 50% 50/50 of x5 and x10 tasks it gives us even less SP/month than if we would got only x1 task in previous Killing sprees.
And IRL ofc you dont get 50% of x5 and x10 tasks.

In worst case scenario you get only 75000 SP wich equal of ~1 day training for character with +5 implants.

How do you think, 1-day boost is worth of month of daily routine?
I think answer is more than obvious.

If you don’t think that it’s worth it then don’t complete the event; it’s not like anybody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you.

Not bad for just un docking flying to belt kill little npc and dock. About an hours worth of experience give or take for 2 to 5 mins work.

Someone bitching about free stuff!!!


There’s no such thing as free, it all has opportunity cost.

Honestly people, do remember what game you’re playing here.

Just wait until December, the whiners will be out in force.


Ctrl clicking someone and clicking F1 is too hard guys stop bullying me :frowning:


I hate it when that happens.

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Randomly twatting a rat is a task now!

My god, 2020 is messed yo


For some reason the event ended as quietly as it started.


The only skills worth training are for t2 catalysts, market trading, and Corp management. The only other skills needed are chatting people up.

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