Skilling is Just a Means of Communication, how many SP you get?

Due to circumstances beyond my control, namely this place I am forced to be at otherwise known as a job, I am unable to log in till later on in the evening. However, I am very curious to know exactly how many SP one gets for participating in the event.

So whatcha get for blowing somebody up?

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I’ve logged in 16 characters so far. Every one of them got “Kill a player frigate or larger for 10k SP”. Those odds aren’t too unlikely given the 10/25/50 odds of the previous event, but are unusual.

I assume in that case it’s ‘Destroyer or larger for 25k’ and ‘BC or larger for 50k’ but no evidence so far. Even asking in help, at that time other people had only seen the 10k for Frigate option.

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10k exp for a pvp kill. You are missing nothing.

  1. No alts = 100% wasted, free isk.

Yeah, looks like it might be the same rewards as the PvE ones. In the end I never bothered with the PvE ones, when you’re just training 5s, small amounts of sp don’t matter at all.

yeah, just something someone who doesn’t play the game though of most likely. Daily quests are such a cancerous mechanic.

Now the question remains to be seen as whether or not a rookie ship counts as a frigate, and alternatively if one can take an actual frigate out into space create a save point, eject, and blow it back up if it counts as a kill.

And yes, 10k is not a lot of SP. But it does add up over time.

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:red_circle: I would not be so sure about that. 10k SP are 4 hours of training. Over the course of these events I collected over 1M of SP per char that I used. All for somewhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes of work. The PVE events of course. With this PVP even I will not do anything with most of these chars as it definitely is not worth the spent ISK, even if you get 50k SP.


It shouldn’t, its a Corvette


Yeah, login everyday spend time doing something you don’t really want to do. Plus it’s not like I’m in a hurry to train those level 5s, most of them won’t make a great deal of difference.

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Really 10k, that is not even worth the hassle of killing an alt.

If you happen to PvP that day anyway this is nice, but this sure is not motivating anyone to do anything they don’t already do.


I tried popping one of my alts in his rookie ship and I didn’t get the SP…so it’s either the fact that it was a corvette, or perhaps because we were in the same corp (?)…couldn’t be bothered to try another ship :neutral_face:

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I bought a bunch of cheap frigs from a career agent station, and have been blowing them up. With platinum insurance, my cost per frig (not counting the time I took to move them) is around 100k isk. Which means I’m paying about 10 isk per SP, which is pretty good if you ask me.

Time efficiency looks to be pretty good too. The only annoying thing is having to wait for the weapons timer to expire so I can dock back up.

Of course, I’ve only done this for my omega toons so far. I haven’t messed with my alphas. Not sure that I will.

Anyway, some people have suggested that it might be possible to eject, reship, and then kill your old ship to get the SP. Has anyone verified that that works?


Of course you didn’t. A rookie ship is a Corvette, not a Frigate.


Anyone tried to eject from ship and then kill that ship with another one?

Yeah, insurance works but for SP doesnt count

Good idea, getting top insurance put on cheap fit Frigates.



A little more checking, so far the only event task is Kill one player, frigate or larger, for 10k.

Only CCP could take a PvP event and make it too boring to bother with. Perhaps they simply don’t really understand how players feel about PvP (or SP). Perhaps they were erring on the side of caution, and didn’t want to unleash a murderous wave of madness across EVE space with anything too interesting.

I like to think that maybe they had enough forethought to start the event off easy and slow, so everybody has time to be aware of it, before they start cranking up the interest level.

Still, I’m reminded of a line I recently quoted from another thread:
Idk how ccp made fighting people so unenjoyable in pvp game

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Only 10k sp here too.

With how exploitable this is it was probably a bad idea to do 25k and 50k sp rewards. But on the other hand 10k sp is not worth the work that comes with trying to find a genuine pvp encounter.

We already knew a pvp event like this wouldn’t work.

Top damage and final blow on Osprey Navy issue gave me the 10k sp.