Ganking Is Just A Means

Are there rules posted about this event yet?

Capsuleers will be awarded Skill Points during the Skilling is Just a Means of Communication event for PvP kills, with daily challenges being issued at downtime each day between 12 March and 14 April.

I’d be willing to bet that CCP is gonna be lazy and just do the usual “Kill 1 player: 10,000 SP” (5 kills, 25,000 SP / 10 kills 50,000 SP) type daily quests that they’ve been resorting to for all of the kill NPC dailies.


A lot of people are talking about just shooting alts, boring. =/


I think it will increase PvP. I don’t know if it will be by a lot, mind you, but most players don’t have alts. I once heard the average number of characters per player was 1.6. So, my guess is it will encourage at least some people to do some pew.

This is incorrect. There is literally no reason to think that the majority of players restrict themselves to making and using one character only when theres 3 free slots with Alpha alone.

At least CCP made their opinion on things clear for once:



I’m just repeating what I heard from CCP. I thought the number seemed really low myself, but I figured it was due to lots of casuals. Perhaps, it includes only omega alts, perhaps ccp’s methods for determining alts leaves something to be desired.

Yeah, log in one alt, log out. Log in alt in second slot, scan down the first alt real quick and pop him before his log off timer expires… it could work :slight_smile:


But statistically, isnt 1.6 more than one on average?

Also, word of advice “I heard” or “Someone once told me” is a sure way to get flamed. Just link the source and everyone be cool.

That goes for you too Hunny Bunny, be cool.

I heard that all the players are just alts of CCP employees.

Actually Im an alt of the account CCP Flounder lends to his non-family friends for fun.

Just kidding ISD.

Im family so its fine.


This basically.

No changes to CONCORD, no loot drop changes, nothing new or complicated.

Shoot your friends in rookie ships. More opiates skillpoints for the masses. :psyccp:


Number of accounts, not number of characters and it includes all “unique” players, though there is some fuzziness from the early days of EVE when accounts couldn’t be registered under the same email address (email isn’t the only measure CCP use. They also use details from the client to know which accounts login on the same client, etc.).

Anyway, CCP Quant’s post on reddit containing the graphs is here:

This was also before clone states allowed alphas.

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The reason there hasn’t been a pvp skilling spree is because ccp know we’ll shoot our own alts. But ccp are perhaps just thinking ‘whatevs’ now. You might not even have to shoot an alt…you may be able to eject from a ship, come back and blow it up.

And yeah I’m probably going to do it. Whilst i pvp on my alpha, it’s not every day and sometimes i don’t get a kill (pls buff alpha nav skills). And since allocated sp is the only way my alpha can train since reaching the limit, i intend to exploit it to the fullest.

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True, but that also means that at least 40% of players don’t have alts. And considering that the players that do have alts tend to have more than 1, that number is likely much higher. For reference, I personally have 11 omega toons and 28 alpha alts.

Also, are you serious? I didn’t realize I was expected to provide a bibliography for every casual comment I post on the forum.

Fine… I guess I’m nerd enough…

Okay, I couldn’t find a source for the 1.6 toons per player, but did find one for the number of accounts per player. According to CCP Quant’s numbers, 65% of players have one account. However, this was also before Eve introduced alpha accounts, so I’d assume that the number of accounts per player has likely gone up considerably. Still, I’d guess that most of those accounts are likely alpha only.

So, assuming that a large number of players don’t have omega alts on separate accounts, that means that a large number of people won’t be shooting their alts (even if they could conceivable quickly log off an alpha and then scan them down because that requires more effort and a little bit of ingenuity). Hopefully, this results in an increase in people PvPing. I don’t expect it to be a dramatic increase, but it should help push some people into being more active in PvP.

Annnnnnd someone beat me to the punch.


I’m sure there will be ways to cheese it, but hopefully it won’t be so bad that you can shoot ships that you’ve ejected from.

On a side note, you’ll get killmails from ships that you’ve ejected from. So if you did do that, you might actually be able to get killmails for yourself.

And on a side note to a side note, I once noticed that a friend was on some killmails for his alts. I was like, “wtf” dude, aren’t those your alts? Turns out, he was mining with an orca and some barges. A few hunters came in and started attacking his barges. He locked them with his orca in order to give them reps, but accidentally assigned drones. And that’s how he got on his own killmails.

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You do get on your own kill mails for shooting your own ships. And I’m assuming this skilling spree is going to use the same logic for ‘generates kill mail’ as ‘counts as a kill’…

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Wow and here I thought I was the weird one with only 2 accounts and just two chars (technically 3 but i’ve never used the 3rd one).

Filthy casual :slight_smile:

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Good read and bookmarked and will enjoy reading over the shutdown.

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Yeah thats not the same thing as what you said there, Dr Jones

But yeah, links are better than rumours.

I heard I was Mittens once. Thats why I look for citations now