Skilling Spree - Not random?

The first day I completed these they were totally random.
Kill 1 NPC for 2500 SP
Kill 5 NPC for 5000 SP
Kill 10 NPC for 10000 SP

Now every character is always kill 1 NPC for 2500.
Every time.
Is this a bug or working as intended?



Did you googled meaning of word “random”?

A while back when CCP implemented the Daily Skill Point Tasks, a few players recorded and posted their tasks with percentages of receiving each type, basically it averaged out to about this:

Kill 1 NPC = 75%
Kill 5 NPC = 20%
Kill 10 NPC = 5%


Agreed, that’s roughly what my own tracking came to.

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10000 SP :joy:

Every blue moon I’ll have Kill 5 NPC. I didn’t know it was random. I thought everyone got the same thing each day. But I have a few alphas training core skills until I want a change of pace and play them. One day I had 5 NPC on my main and 1 NPC on the others. So on a day I get 2500 some other person can be offered 10k? That seems unfair. And no, the SP giveways is NOT part of EVE proper. It’s a direct giveaway by the devs. It should be fair.

Got two tens in a row myself.

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