Skilling Spree... uh, Wait What?

How come my Alpha alt gets 10,000sp for killing 5 NPCs three times in 2 weeks but my Omega character only got it once?
I thought it was more advantageous to be Omega but the extra skill points at log-in only make Omega character catch up with the Alpha’s 10,000sp in the spree.
Does that mean I should alternate between Omega and Alpha every month?

I think it’s RNG the same for both states. The next month the roles mught be the same or reversed. Who knows?

What’s ‘RNG’?
And no it’s not the same for both, as I explained in the O.P

Someone knows.

I actually have no idea what it stands for, but it is randomness.
Heads or tails. Wrecking shot or simple hit.

Ok well, 3 times in two weeks for the Alpha clone and only once in the same two weeks doesn’t look like random to me.

You never can tell with statistics :stuck_out_tongue:
What is the probability that a 20-sided die that has landed on 8 each of the last five rolls will again roll an 8 on the sixth roll?

Who knows? All I’m sure of is what I wrote in the OP.
It could be random but I don’t trust randomness from computers.

I do. It’s only 5%.

Would be nice if you were talking about taxes :money_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For completeness: RNG is “Random Number Generator”

@Nujenif_Talvanen is right.

There is no sense of history: it’s like rolling a dice - the next roll doesn’t depend on the previous roll, but over a large number of rolls it will average out to “roll a five 16.667% of the time”.

A fortnight of samples, 14 rolls of the dice, is far, far too few to know if the dice is biased.


I guess Chance doesn’t like my Omega character :sleepy:

I got 30k SP in a daily login reward few days ago, but having only 2,5 k SP for skilling spree for a long time already.

I wonder how can we make CCP to show us what is the actual probability and how it is calculated in game.

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Omegas gain skill points at 2x the rate with no Skillpoint ceiling. Or put it another way: Alphas gain skill points at half the speed and have a hard upper bound to total skill points.

Is it really worth ignoring all that and letting your emotional disappointment get the better of you to focus on some random daily?

I say yes, if it makes you happy, alternate your Omega/Alpha for the sweet sweet dopamine hit of getting your daily.

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Not really. The question doesn’t necessitate action from me for it to be asked. I’m more curious about the mechanism of the RNG.

That’s interests me.

Wondering how/if it differenciate between Alpha and Omega.
More curious than wanting to create any controversy. I think this discussion is as valid as another one on this forum.

I’m not saying anything about the validity of it. Perhaps it came across as more derisive than I intended.

Your OP was pretty explicit about asking if you should alternate Alpha/Omega in a quest to game the system to get good dailies. That was surprising to me!

I reframed it in the general view of collecting skill points in each clone state cause that’s what most people think of, so I acknowledged it’s probably not as strong an emotional force for you as getting your desired daily. I mean, not many people I know make whole account status choices over such a detailed and small aspect of the game, so it’s gotta be pretty moving. I’m not making a value judgement by the way, being an emotional being is OK and to deny it is to deny being human and instead be a bot-aspirant.

Hence I said pursue what is fun for you. If other people want to give you :poop: for alternating clone states then that’s their problem and don’t let the haters hate.

Even better you can collect the data while doing so. You can even do the traditional Eve thing and lie to everyone else here and keep the true data to yourself.

Hopefully this clears whatever misunderstanding there is, up.

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*Cries in broke student who loves solo pvp but is always outclassed

Okay, Probability 101:

Let’s assume the chance of getting a 10,000sp for 5 NPC skill spree is 1/7 (once a week). Then the amount of such skill sprees you get in a given two week period is binomially distributed with n=14 and p=1/7. This means that the probability of getting k of such events in a given week is:
12% for 0
27% for 1
29% for 2
19% for 3
9% for 4
4% for 5 or up

Basically, getting 1–3 of such events in a two week period is quite unexceptional.

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It turns out people are really bad at interpreting probabilities.

It’s Highly Probable You Stink at Probability | Built In

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A Mistake Most Humans Make. In the first week of November, before… | by Matt Brems | Towards Data Science

You probably just got unlucky.

Many get lost in the small detail of this is per instance/event.

the say 10% is each case 1 by 1. there is no well I did it 10 times so should get something.

Its more…/roll went bad for you 10 times lol.

<3 math
Thanks for giving me some nice AP Stats nostalgia :slight_smile: