Daily Login Campaign Bonus Skillpoints - Omega to Alpha and back to Omega

I started on Omega and am now on Alpha until next week.
The Daily Campaign Bonus Skillpoints reward is different between Alpha and Omega. Alpha is 50k and Omega is 150k.
Question: Most of my skillpoints have been gotten through Omega. Will I gain those back next week when I’m back on Omega or will the process go back to zero?

Thank you for your replies.


The ‘extra’ (unspent) skillpoints you have already accumulated won’t be taken away from you. You will keep them… it is only reset to 0 when you decide to spend it on skills yourself :slight_smile:

When you go to Alpha, each day you will simply get the daily Alpha amount added to the total.

And when you go back to Omega, from then onwards each day you will get the daily Omega amount added.

So basically your unspent points will keep growing, just at different daily rates.

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Clear and concise. Thank you, sir.

I just realized I was explaining about redeemed points - are you referring to the ‘progress bar’ thingy for the 30-day logins, if you change accounts midway?

The progress bar is problematic. It does not reset to 0. It keep its progress percentage. But it does “scale” the points according to your current account you have. :frowning:

If you are on 50% with 75K on Omega… and then change to alpha it will still say 50%, but the points will be scaled down to 25k.

Conversely, if you go back to Omega it will “scale back up” again.

If you will be an Alpha for a short while, maybe the trick is not to let it run to the 30-day end. Wait till you are an Omega to claim the last 1 or 2 days.

My sincere apologies for misunderstanding your question and referring to something else.

I can contest to that, I had to drop to alpha due to financial issues, and right before it gave me the 50k i resubbed as omega, and the next day, i got 150k skill points… so the daily log in knows when you are alpha/omega and will fix accordingly.

like wise when there are bonus log ins like today with boosters, if i turned my other account back to omega, i could get all the bonuses that i “missed” as long as the event is still going on.

Oh okay. I’ll try to do that, otherwise… OH well, it’s only Skill Points.

Not at all, sir. No worries.

Great ! Thanks for confirming.

Outstanding :relaxed:

you only get the skillpoints once it reaches the 50k or 150k… until then it just keeps counting up, but whatever it is when it reaches that limit, thats what you get, and it won’t revert. just for clarity :stuck_out_tongue: happy trails.

@EM00 @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Another way would be to not click on the button that makes the bar progress up and leave it as is until I’m back on Omega, right?

If it is somewhere in the middle you can still click it, because it will count the days.

The reward is calculated only at the end (as Geo_Eclipse said) based on what type of account when it gets to the end - so is just the last day or two at the end that you must not click as Alpha.

But if the Alpha time will be short, just a couple of days it is also OK not to click it at all, as you suggested, just to be safe.

Very well. I shan’t click it, just to be safe.

Thank you again.


it will show you as well, how many points you get when you click it, if you hover over the button it should show you how many points you’ll receive.

Edit: it doesn’t tell you the points, it just shows where the bar will progress to.
but yea safer than sorry if you want the 150k to wait… :smiley:

Yes, it shows where the bar will be and I can wait to collect until next week, no rush :smiley:

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