1mill SP and Dail Alpha SP


My question is regarding the bonus 1 mill SP given to a new account, can these points be saved to be used after an account goes omega?

Also Daily Alpha skill injectors, can those also be saved, and what is the limit?

if they can be saved do you lose anything by using them after you upgrade?

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

The 1m SP can be saved to use after going Omega, however, while Alpha it still counts toward the 5m SP maximum training cap via the skill queue.

Daily Alpha Injectors can only be used in the Alpha clone state.

I know it can only be injected while alpha, my question is can these points also be saved, are you saying the dailies have to be both injected and used or you lose them?

Once injected, it accumulates in the unallocated SP. Once its in the unallocated SP, it can sit until you are Omega regardless if it came from a ADI, as long as they are injected, and sitting in unallocated, when you go to omega, you can use them.

thank you very much, so theoretically I can save a maximum of 5mil skill points, is that correct?

There is no limit to the unallocated SP spot. So yea, you can inject as much as you want before turning Omega.

thank you so much again, i kept getting SO many different answers that didn’t make sense, or confusing like the one above ( no offense I still appreciate very much anyone taking the time)

I feel i might be wrong on the unallocated SP, and that it counts towards total SP for alphas… if so, then as an alpha you can only have up to 15 mil unallocated SP

ah ok, ill see what others say as well, not really urgent in any way

Okay, I’m just going to break it all down.

Unredeemed SP
Any SP you get from daily rewards, recruitment bonuses, or DLC’s (boo) will first go to the redeeming queue. Depending on it’s source, it may or may not have an expiration date. Any SP sitting here will not count towards your total SP, and will therefore not impact alpha training to the 5 mil SP cap or injector penalties. Thus, it can be useful to leave SP here until you are ready. For example, I created several alpha accounts a while back, but saved every scrap of bonus SP I got. I trained the characters all the way to the 5mil SP limit, and then redeemed all that SP, which instantly bumped me up to about 6.5 mil sp on all those characters. And in case you’re wondering, I was able to hit the SP cap before any of that SP expired with about 2 weeks to spare. I used +3 implants, a 27 Perception/21 Intelligence remap, the 35 day/+3 newbro accelerator, and probably didn’t let their skill queues idle for more than 48-72 hours total over the course of their approximate 6month training time. Do note that the 35day/+3 accelerator only gives about 4 days worth of SP to an alpha, I didn’t do any skilling sprees on these toons, and the 27Per/21Int remap is a general remap, and not the most efficient remap. So even if you don’t use the accelerators due to their rising costs (I don’t think that they are available any more), you should still be able to hit the 5mil SP cap before any SP expires as long as you do a little planning.

Do note that there is no restriction to redeeming SP based upon account status or SP total. The only factor that matters is that you must make sure to redeem SP before it expires (login SP rewards typically have a 6 month expiration, while recruitment and DLC SP does not).

Unallocated SP
Once SP has been redeemed, it becomes unallocated SP sitting at the bottom of your character sheet. This SP DOES count towards your SP total, which will affect injector penalties and brings you closer to the 5mil SP alpha limit. Redeemed SP is not lost under any circumstances. Thus, if you have 4.5mil SP and redeem the 1mil SP recruitment bonus, you will then have 5.5mil SP total. However, since your are now over the 5mil SP limit, passive training will stop, and you’ll have to go omega in order to resume it. Because of this, it can be beneficial to delay redeeming SP until you have passively trained up to the 5mil SP limit. Whether this is the right decision for you depends on your particular circumstances. If you plan on playing as an alpha for as long as possible, or want to train as much SP for as little time/effort/money as possible, I recommend delaying redeeming SP.

Allocated SP
Finally, you can apply your unallocated SP to skills. If your account is an alpha, you won’t be able to apply SP to Omega only skills. However, if save up a bunch of unallocated SP and then go omega, you can then apply all that SP to omega skills without restriction. Thus, it can be beneficial to save unallocated SP until you go omega. If your account then lapses back to alpha status, you won’t lose that SP, you just won’t get the benefit of those skills until you go omega again.

Okay, I think thats all the relevant information.

Advanced Skillpoint and Training Guide series Trailer for those who still want more information.


wow, yes it is, you really clarified it now for me and even answered questions I had that were not in my op, that was awesome, very greateful

The alpha daily injectors will allow you as an Alpha to go up to 20 Mil SP, so again, you should still be able to have up to 15 Mil unallocated SP.

that’s way more than I will save up, max a couple of million maybe 3 so I can unlock a good amount of the omega trade skills without wasting any time training for them, i’m so happy my plan still works

Bear in mind that once you go Omega your skills will train at double their current speed. :wink:

A couple of additional useful numbers.

An Omega character with Basic (+3) implants and a balanced attribute map will train roughly 50,000 SP per day - 1.5 million/month. With an annual subscription you pay $10.95 per month. Compare that to the current training boost bundle where you pay $40.00 for 1.5 million SP.

The question you need to ask is whether you consider this game a keeper. In the 6 months it takes you to train 4.5 million SP as an Alpha, you can train 9 million as an Omega. Those “free” SP have a real and substantial opportunity cost!

True, cant really disagree with math :slight_smile:

My situation is different than most players I’ve met so far, I am not racing or wanting to have a plan that is perfect, the game is definitely a keeper for me, the sub is worth every penny.

I started playing the game, I knew almost nothing about it other than what I hear from others, covid made me come here lol,

When I found out I could acquire a paid sub through in game currency, I was even more hooked and it was my first challenge i put to myself, I now do have the isk to buy the 500 plex, but I am enjoying the ride and and yes even the grind.

There is no limit on the number of SP an Alpha account may have trained or in the unallocated pool. The ‘20m SP alpha limit’ refers the the rough total of SP of all Alpha skills trained to their maximum alpha level - so the maximum amount of SP an Alpha account can benefit from is approximately 20m SP, but it is not a hard limit on the SP they can have.

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