BREAKING NEWS: CCP uncovered new math, scientists shoked!

Are you ready guys?

5 daily npc kills - 5000 sp
10 daily npc kills - 10000 sp

15 daily npc kills - 25000 sp

This new math definetlly deserve Fields Medal!


10k sp bonus for 5 more than 10 npc…

And 20 would bring 35k…

25 would bring 40k,
30 would give you 45k
35 you would pay out 55k

What is your problem here…really simple math…


I thing you presumed a pattern with insufficient data.


Were you expecting “calculating missile damage” level math?

exponential growth I would expect 30 kill would = 80-100k SP

:thinking:OP: Should we complain about kills not counting?

:brain:Brain: No

:thinking:OP: What about the randomness in the tasks, which can leave you running filament after filament to get enough kills of one particular faction?

:brain:Brain: Nah

:thinking:OP: Oh, what about the fact that reward sizes don’t follow a pleasing pattern?

:brain:Brain: Okay, but only if we put it in a redundant thread instead of the official feedback thread.


The other events didn’t have directly proportional rewards either.

I wouldnt be shocked if they would give out 8008135 SP even for 69 NPCs. :thinking:

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…or decimal values.

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What is excatly your problem in it?

No1 ever said it has to be proportional.
You can get 5 kills in 1 site.
But getting 15 kills will take more than just 3 sites.

What they actually discovered was basic economics. At some point, people will not continue a tedious, repetitive activity unless the marginal benefit (SP) outweighs the marginal cost (a preference to do something else).

A player might kill 5 for 5k SP, and he might kill 5 more for another 5k SP, but after that it’s going to cost a little more SP to motivate him to do yet another 5 kills. Sure, plenty of players would probably still do it for just 5k more SP, but more players will do that last 5 kills for the higher marginal SP payout. That also benefits CCP because they’re surely tracking how many pilots complete these tasks daily, so by incentivizing more people to do the work, they get to report that the event was more successful.

It’s a static growth loop :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t need to be exponential, quadratic will fit the data just fine:

SP = 10000 - 2000 NPC + 200 NPC^2

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It is always complicated to find a pattern with so few data.

Why should it be an arithmetic progression ?

Obvious thing.
I miss triglavs 7 or more abyss in a row on first day of event.

Not when you have
Within same day.
Other events has only single task per day.

Or you can get 3 task for same NPC’s
Drones for example, and finish it with single abyss.

You think it’s fair?


Having three events rather than one makes your sp gain per day more consistent.

You will very rarely get 3x 5k rewards and very rarely get 3x 25k rewards. But you will almost always get something in-between.

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I get this today on 3 characters.

Sucks to be you.

I haven’t got that once.