Any news on why the daily SP reward got halved?


I injected 3 toons to do it fairly efficiently.

I know the system is changing but is this change an indication that they think giving away 10k /day is too much? If so, the new system won’t give 10k and so won’t be worth doing :frowning:

You have wasted my time, CCP

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Not directly, but yes. Equinox will bring even more rewards, so they’ve adjusted the daily rewards to reflect that.

I think the idea is that the passive log-in SP rewards get reduced, but the daily goal SP is increased so if you do both you end up with more SP than you would do before per month.

If you are like me and ignore your daily chores, you end up with less SP.
Oh well, that’s the price of ignoring FOMO practices.


Wait, wait. What You mean by “passive”? Passive is this simple “login, click claim, logout”. But it is that “not passive” 2x dailys = 10k SP what was reduced to 5k. In Your sentence “whole goal” is increased so less for doing something and more for just “login, click, logot”. Or maybe I lost something in that logic :slight_smile: Not that I’m crying for that, don’t care for real, but that logic somehow I didn’t get.


It’s almost getting to the point where CCP should start paying us $20 a month for logging in.


As a relatively new player, doing this right now before the launch was a bad idea. Very disappointed with this direction.

From how I read the description of the changes, the daily SP for completing 2 opportunities is reduced. But there is a new monthly goal for completing something like 15 or 20 dailies. So if you complete that many then you’re getting the same (or more, IIRC, in the case of Omega clones) total SP per month. And if you complete more days than the monthly minimum you’re actually getting more total SP.

There was also mention that some new daily tasks would probably take more time/effort than the previous ones. Obvious goal being they want you playing more, for longer, for more days per month.

Edit: apparently it’s only 12 dailies per month, with 4 extra rewards along the way. From the devblog

“With Equinox, they will receive a significant enhancement, adding a monthly reward track designed to offer more incentives for daily and sustained engagement. This new addition includes a 12 step progression system, where rewards are granted every third step. You can progress one step per day by completing two out the four daily goals to achieve the Daily Bonus, allowing you to reach the final reward in just 12 days out of the 30-day cycle. This flexible system ensures that even if you miss a few days, you can still acquire the ultimate reward by the end of the month.”


But Equinox hasn’t released yet, so this reward track is not in the game yet.

They are just getting ready for it. Equinox releases in 4 days. Makes much more sense to release an update in bits and pieces in the prior week than releasing it all at once on the same day and ending up with God knows how many issues. Like the launcher issue today.


CCP likes to screw players over at every possible chance to make the game more grindy, less fun and less rewarding.

They honestly believe forcing players to spend more time with fewer results will lead to players wanting to play more and subscribe more accounts… In fact, normal, rational people who don’t appreciate their time and money being wasted take their time and money to vidya games that reward players for spending time in their game.


22 accounts. Not a single one of them is active… and I have half a trillion ISK in wallets I could PLEX with (I know, it’s nothing compared to many, poor brokey me), but choose not to because CCP does not appreciate my time and money.


10,000 skillpoints a day at least gave me some form of growth and accomplishment for my characters. To drop that to 5,000 just feels like a complete slap in the face and honestly gives me no incentive to do them any more.


Man I miss the old days when you had to wait for your skills to finish and you had to wait to reach 50+mill sp. Today SP is handed out like candy for lazy people with no attention span just like every damn mobile game ever having log in rewards so they can keep you playing that crappy ass mobile game so you then spend 200-500 bucks on worthless ■■■■.

MMO games today are become more mobile eks by the day. With auto combat and log in rewards and season pass and all that crap.

Soon EVE will become like all these Idle mobile games where all you have to do is log in and the game plays it self and you maybe have to press 1 button every 5-10 min.


The main problem for many here seems to be the grinding mentality. You shouldn’t actively do daily tasks to max out what you get. Those rewards should just be a little, nice bonuses which you get during your normal gameplay.

Should you join FW just to be able to claim that daily reward? No.
Should you, as a PvP-er, or mission runner, or trader, or whatever train for and get a mining ship to farm that 2000 units of ore? No.
Same goes for destroying 25 NPCs… Of course not.

Are the daily bonuses important? Not as much as some of you are giving them importance. Sure, they provide nice little something to give you just a little bit of incentive to log in and play, but that should not be on the list of your priorities when you log in to the game… and it especially should not be on the list of your real life daily tasks.

You are effectively putting yourself in a position where a daily reward in some game is affecting how you feel and what you are doing with your time.

If you miss a day of rewards, you haven’t lost anything.
If you miss a week of rewards, you haven’t lost anything.
If you miss a month of rewards,… you already should know the answer to this… you haven’t lost anything.
Daily or monthly rewards are not important. You know what is? PvP is important. Mission running is important. Mining fleets with friends are important. Trading is important. Exploration is important. Factional warfare is important. Playing the game as you like it and enjoying the game is important.

The toxic, hyper-capitalistic mentality of minmaxing and quantifying everything in your life through some sort of a currency, and especially through “lost revenue” will only make you a slave - of yourself. Don’t do that to yourself. Learn to relax and enjoy the real content of the game.


Antihrist_Pripravnik Since the 10k per day thing kicked in, I have put all my freebies into fleet support skills and now I am Wing Command 5 Fleet Command 3 , 3 of the 4 boost modules are at 5/4, so now I am a bit of a boosting badass whereas before all those skillz were at the bottom of my 3year queue. So ofc, the daily is important.

I did all those things on 3 toons that you said “should you do this…” “No”. I got 3 dudes 4/4/4/4 in scanning , 4/4/4/4 in mining, all have tech 2 drones to fly the worm for the kill 25 NPCs and I got their everydays skills up to respectable levels, agility speed etc.

They went from ship spinners to out in space doing stuff-ers.

We want our 10k daily back. A lot of us invested into it. Or at the very least CCP needs to explain their rationale.

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I was improving my alts, and specialising them in some areas, it was adding to the game. So when I got 5k today I was rather disappointed. I was starting to set things up to cover all the daily tasks and was more interested in the immediate hike, waiting for it as some monthly goal is less enjoyable, oh well. I guess I just have to be disappointed and less interested. I hate scanning, but I was actually doing it for a change!


Whining asbout getting reduced FREE XP. Sounds about Zoomer…

I just read the blog about the new system and I think we will be ok.

If I am interpreting things correctly, you do it 12 times in a month and will get 12 x 5000 sp then 150000sp + 75000sp at the end of the month if your omega. That is 285,000sp for 12 days “work” compared to 300,000sp for 30 days “work” under the old system, So thats a great deal.

If your a try hard and want to do it everyday then you will end up with 30 x 5000sp + 150000sp + 75000sp which is 375,000sp.

If I am right, delete this post. CCP are fine.


All they did is make it to where you actually have to do something to get the XP. Oh, the horror!!!

I’m not sure why they changed it. To me it was always something for new characters. For anyone else 10k is not really worthwhile. It’s less than crumbs. This is, if anything, a kick to the face of new alphas players. If I’m Omega I could personally care less about 10k or logging in and going out of my way doing task every day to get it. Maybe if they waited until AFTER the Equinox launch to do this it would have gone over better PR wise.

You can do those dailies save the occasional FW daily in a corvette without having trained anything. I have few AIR Career SP farmers I’d do them with and I never trained them at all in the skill queue proper. You can always do at least 2 with a 1-day old character. What are you even talking about? You did not train anything to 4/4/4/4 or train up for a Worm for these dailies. :laughing:

Whining about whining about getting reduced SP sounds about Zoomer too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I suppose it does come across as a whine. I like using my alts and like having them specialised in other areas of the game, one project was to make my two indy characters max skill bomber pilots, and I say that as an older player. It enables you to move them in a direction while spending your main SP on things like jump portal generation 5, which is 65 days, and I have to do for two characters, one of which needs to train to 4 first, another 11 days, eeeek…

I am aware that the new system does in fact look a better deal for those like me who don’t do it every day for a month for all characters. In any case for me it was disappointing in that before the patch hit it went down from 10k to 5k. So yes a little whine about that, but why not?

I will still do it, but perhaps I will look to avoid scanning which I detest doing, when I have scanning only I get irritated, though I have found a sneaky way to do this, I have a max skilled scanner so I use that one first on all the sigs then bm them and the others can pinpoint the bm and done.

In any case, I am more upset about that 65 day train, as I was finally concentrating on my indy characters after many years of neglect after CCP screwed over indy, now it looks like they are worth developing again., so I will be using this as much as I can.