Daily goals 50% slashed

So there is no change log for today but the daily goals did get a 50% slash in SP that you get for doing 2 of em?

Started the new norm early
Patch notes after dev stream

I’m curious as to why it was made

so basicly anyone that didnt see dev stream or just doesnt streams is ■■■■■■ as they dont share that info on the launcher with patch notes, nice to know we are now in an era of patch notes are on stream only

It was supposed to come with some mobile phone style “reward track” or whatever, but that wasn’t implemented at the same time. Always a joy.

and today its back to being 10k sp for the 2 daily goals, am i gonna get my 5k from yesterday?

If you send 1 bil ISK to @Felix_Frostpacker he will double your skillpoints right away and send back your ISK as well. :wink:


Seeing that you said what you had said in your message and pinged a Frostpacker to your demise. Frosty will honour that calling only because we are the Frostpacker and we grant just once and today only!

Let it be known that if that pilot sends 1 billion isk to my pilot here I will contract a small skill injector along with 2 billion isk.

One time only. @stephan_Rin

//1 hour left I will honestly send you if you roleplay this out with me

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