Skill Point Challenge Missing Today

I have chatted to a few pilots today and non of them including all my alts can see the daily skill point challenge, is this by design or a bug?

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Good. Finally, this stupid daily login crap is gone. It was a scourge for the game. But knowing CCP, it’s just a random bug in their flaw-riddled system that they are so proud of. It will return in a while as if nothing happened.


Other than a few smooth brained crybabies, most people seem to like having the daily challenges. Hopefully they return!

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Many people don’t mind being manipulated into logging in daily to do their chores to not miss out on their SP, if that means they get free stuff.

I would like it to stay gone and think the game is better without it, but it probably won’t.


Helloo forum :grinning:

I wonder who that is.

And it isn’t manipulation when the person usually logs in everyday or tries to. I’m away from home so I can’t this week but I would have noticed the SPC missing as well. How is it manipulation if CCP gives rewards?
Aren’t medals rewards? Are you saying all those medal of honor recipients were manipulated?
How is it when it’s player-generated content it’s not manipulation but when CCP does it, it is?

Why is it so bad? What’s wrong with free stuff? I give stuff all the time and am given back in return. Why is it so wrong when CCP does it?

You obviously don’t like it but it’s something to do for other players. I know that PvP and exploding ships are the only things that really matter in a PvP game but don’t take everything else out or you won’t have any targets to drop on.

Fifie toggled

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This is indeed an omission. The Daily Challenge will return tomorrow after downtime (11:00 UTC).

-CCP Arcade


Thanks for the update, CCP Arcade.

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Kind of befuddling and intriguing how you can do that without a patch pushed to the cluster.

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Can we get an option to complete the daily busywork without having to do it?

The question has been answered and before the post gets out of hand it will be closed here now.