Skillpoint Weekend - no consistency

Hello CCP,

I love the fact that you are giving away skill points but there seems to be a lack of consistency when you do it. Near the start of the year, you gave only 3 days to obtain all 3 rewards (I missed day 3 as you can probably guess). I’m sure there was some solid feedback on pilots missing out so you changed it during the big give away during the 16th anniversary to a system where you had 18 days to collect 16 rewards. This was very helpful for myself in the US (and others I assume) especially having to work late during the start date. It meant I didn’t have to miss out again just because I had other priorities. But come around to this Skillpoint weekend and you are back to the 3 days to collect 3. The side effect for me and others will be that I’m going to miss out on 125k for the last day. For me, that’s 6 accounts for a grand total of 750k SP missed out. Add this to the first time I missed out and I’m out 1.5m SP. :frowning: :frowning:

Salty? Yes. But I’m mostly salty because I had hoped (assumed?) it was going to be similar to the 16th anniversary giveaway where I perhaps had 4 or 5 days to collect the 3 rewards.

So, CPP, where is the consistency?

Alternatively, where can I get my 1.5m SP that I missed out on because I have a job!



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Friday … not the weekend.

Solution would be for CCP to stop giving stuff away, then you can’t miss out on anything.


That certainly is ONE solution. One I’m not opposed to!

Friday is just Saturday eve…


Friday’s are great and all, for sure. However, my weekend starts Saturday morning when I wake from my slumber.

If they are going to continue to give things away, wouldn’t it make more sense to just be consistent and recognize that there is a time difference (gasp! what?) and provide 4 days to collect the 3 rewards. A simple win win for everyone!

claiming reward doesnt require you spend more than 2 minutes of your time: launch all 6 clients at once - claim reward on character select screens, close clients.

And weekend is just that - weekend. From DT on friday to DT on monday, EvE time.


Can’t click anything on my computer when I’m at work. That’s not a complex concept I hope. Unless you don’t have a job, or a life, then I understand it’s hard to grasp. The fact remains, I miss out on Friday. It’s already Saturday when I’m in a position to do so.

Can’t you just claim your two free skillpoint awards and be happy?

I would hate to see you at an all-you-can-eat buffet.
“They just keep putting more food out”…


Eve has gone from people (yeah, with jobs sweetcheeks) alarmclocking so as not to miss SP, to entitled whingeing like this OP. #sad

Suck it up, bunnykins - that’s not a complex concept I hope.


Relevant fable.


EvE really has become Whine Online.

How about you enjoy what you get and have fun.

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I was under the impression there was a 6 day window. I mustve misread it.

i.e. If I can’t have it, nobody can !

You are an idiot! It is a gift! It is for free!

Its a log in reward to reward people who log in every day, if you can’t make 30 seconds time a day for eve then why must eve reward you.

Reward: noun A thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement.

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[quote=“Bunny_Sweetcheeks, post:7, topic:185511, full:true”]
Friday’s are great and all, for sure. However, my weekend starts Saturday morning when I wake from my slumber. [/quote]

Server is in Europe, not the US. They are hours ahead of you and DT is the middle of the day for them. US has DT at 3-6 AM at the same time across the time zones in 48 states, unless you work over night thats plenty of time between each DT to DT and log in for a few minutes. This is not kill X number, its at the character screen…30 second each accout and drop on a character.

Add to that the TimeZones ahead of Europe, GMT+12.
Saturday in New Zealand or OZ is Friday in some US states.

It takes literally 30 seconds to login and redeem your sp. Stop whining and just do it.