SP Bonus?

I logged in today. It had been a while, but not that long as these things go.

And while I haven’t checked all twenty of my accts, it seems that all my characters (that’s characters, not accts) have a bunch of SP added.

So when did that happen? And why did that happen? And does it even matter whether you get free SP when every single other character gets the exact same amount?

It’s like nothing has changed. Everyone is in exactly the same position compared to everyone else. Why did CCP even bother? Are people so petty and stupid that they think they’re somehow better off now?

Lots of questions. Mostly rhetorical.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Last week. Because CCP can’t code and their contemporary developers are not up to the task of developing EVE as the Quality Coding of lots of recent features has been more than lackluster, which lead fo a lot very bad server behavior. As a matter of fact, there was just another chat server disconnect. :thinking:

It is a well deserved compensation for their screw ups. Personally, I am better off because I now have more ceptor cyno chars. :slight_smile: And I want to keep CCP to screw up because I want those chars to be even better at that job without me having to pay MCT or stop training other chars on the accounts.

No. Only characters that had logged in during the March troubles were given free SPs.

Let me know when you don’t want them. Just extract them and I’ll take them off of you. And I’m not just saying this for some virtue signalling, I do mean it, and I know anyone would do the same only to help a fellow EVE player out. Don’t ever let those free SPs bother you, mate. Black avatars matter.

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Not really. Apart from that the account (not char) had to be logged in during the 30 days prior to some day in March, not everyone is in the exact same position.

Since total SP not equal applicable SP the gift is good for lower end SP chars. At the same time for +80M chars it’s 1.6666667 Skill Injectors worth of SP, not bad either. Just different. Not equal.

And regarding the SP gift itself. Well, CCP came forward with this during the major connectivity issues end of March. It’s what players mostly ask for in those rage threads: compensation in SP. Doesn’t make much sense, but if it helps calming down people who get overly at the company in trouble (and partly under attack), why not?

Doesn’t change much for me, as I anyway wasn’t mad at CCP for having those issues. If you’re really mad, you could write a ticket and request those SP being taken away from you. :slight_smile:

Was it on all the characters that had logged in during that time or just those actively training?
(Only reason I’m unsure is because I had MCT on some accounts)

LOL! If I got angry over other people’s stupidity and small minded whining over every little thing, I’d have died a painful death from hypertension decades ago.

@Avaelica_Kuershin I don’t know. All I know is that on the characters I checked, the SP was there. Most of these are maxed for alpha SP so weren’t training. I’m not even sure if I can add the SP to them without tossing a PLEX on the acct.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Yeah those rage threads were pretty petty. Kind of interesting to see who has a forum account though. Those guys only ever show up when something doesn’t work.

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All i believe. Some of my chars that i swear i didnt log in with, got SP, and a lot of characters that did not have active queues, and are just my PI farm chars, got the SP too.

People have become entitled. Its like theyre a paying customer and therefore entitled to have CCP on their beck and call, doing everything for them. Its hardware, its a game with an aging infastructure, theyre working hard, and you were disconnected for a couple days at most. These “I havent been able to log in for the past 5 hours because of something that isnt CCPs fault, i want 10 days bonus time and 1 million SP” threads are ridiculous.


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