Better SP in dailies and in the store

Yall know the kill npcs get some SP daily? I think it should be 50k SP and available every single day. Also, please lower the amount of money expected to buy SP in the store by 75%. Kthxbye make the go fetch mission something that cant be botted or multiboxed either.

Why not ask for a pony, while you’re at it?


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I have a better idea…lock the thread for being a troll and or disrespectful

I demand 25 PLEX for free per day I log in. Anything below is an affront! Also an 1-hour invulnerability token so I can run Missions or Abyssals safely in my multibillion ISK ship without the fear of losing anything. kthxbye!

The intent is to give new players a little more to work with that is an active endeavor. Ive had quite a few friends join me in EvE online and they cant really do any meaningful content without forking out IRL money for SP in the store. They would deff do that if it wasnt so expensive. It would just be nice if there were more activites in game that provided a nice boost. Im not sure how speaking for players who have quit is trolling. Some of the people I have met even played in the test server because they were 16 or so and have more fun playing there. Kinda sad dont you think? Its ironic that some here have flamed the idea yet check out the new options in game. Change your mind?

Thats complete nonsense. Find a corp that support newbies and you can do stuff for months and years without ever investing a single dollar RL cash more than the monthly sub.

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