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Hello CCP, A suggestion for future experiments into daily login campaigns. since i complained enough might as well throw in my two cents tooooo

a page taken from ffxi

perhaps everytime you login you obtain points that are stored on your chraracter that you can then acess in a loyalty points style shop in the vein of the new eden shop.

different tiers of items to choose from from things that help with everyday activities to activation keys for gated content that you can clear for items and isk. to skins and fireworks and stuff also!!!

just my two centsssss if there is a better spot to put this as i didnt see a suggestions spot let me knowwwww



well yeah the sp thing can still happen and fill up. but in regards to what we can claim and use we’d have more control and flexability on our dside.

This still doesn’t eliminate the obligatory daily grind of logging in to claim everything on all of your accounts, which is the fundamental issue with these rewards to begin with. This is annoying, and doesn’t encourage players to actually play the game itself.

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honestly to be blunt you shouldnt have multiple accounts anyways :stuck_out_tongue: like i know its allowed…
besides with points its just as simple as logging in and bam its claimed. how you claim it and use it is just like plex. on an account all characters associated with it can acess it.

That is pretty much how I have treated it. Log in all of my clients at once, hit collect, hit close, log that client out, and repeat. I guess I am logging into the client and those numbers might count for something but I’m not logging into the game world on all of those clients.

It is 100% CCPs fault. They designed the game. They could change all sorts of aspects to reduce the use of alts or just deny them outright.



Noone forces you to legin on all of your accounts to collect. Also, how many accounts do you have, that this is a grind?

i agree and correct my statement :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t play if you don’t login.

You just want to choose what kind of apple, it seems.
I don’t have an issue with that, just not necessarily the way you describe.

No one forces me to do anything with regard to the game, but that is completely beside the argument. Something can be entirely optional, and still be a terrible feature.

Point taken. It’s just that I see a lot of people complaining about the daily rewards. They are just free bonuses. I accept them for the freeweys they are, but don’t waste any more thought than that.

It’s true that some people won’t care, while others might care a whole lot.

But as I mentioned in a different thread recently, the “FOMO” effect tends to generally be damaging for customers when it’s taken too far. Someone who cares about the rewards, and doesn’t want to miss out on any, might actually start resenting the game for the unforgiving daily grind. At that point we have to ask ourselves (well, CCP have to ask themselves) whether the rewards create enough goodwill to offset the damage they do from their frustrating nature.

I’d have to say, as they are right now, they might just barely be breaking even. So why not make the feature better?

They can tie rewards to actual in-game activities (to ensure players not only log in, but stay logged in), and they can make the rewards limitless (as in without a cap, but not necessarily extremely profitable), so that people don’t feel the need to cycle through all of their alts to collect them every week, and can simply play on any of their characters without feeling obligated to play on all of them. And the rewards themselves should be unique, interesting things that are fun to acquire, but don’t necessarily constitute merely another PvE income source.

One such reward could actually be something as simple as gaining rank on a leaderboard for various in-game tasks.

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