3 steps how to fix daily login campaing

Login campaing is good but not in current state
Daily rewards almost useless and only annoying.
SP reward is too small for required time.

Here’s few simple steps to fix this and make everyone happy and calm.

  • Double SP reward (for the same days)
  • Replace volatile SKINs with SKIN shards, collecting required number of it (7/10/whatever) players be able to get original random SKIN
  • Replace BPC with Apparel shards, similar to previous suggestion.
  • Remove auto-use of boosters.

You can do it CCP.

Too complex. Instead I offer one step to fix the daily login campaign:

  • Stop doing daily login campaigns, EVE is not F2P mobile trash.

Required time is two clicks of the mouse.

This is legit too.
Better nothing than useless stuff.

My cargo already trashed with BPC’s

They can keep it exactly the same, but only with skill points. If CCP could keep the worthless garbage for me that would be great. Make the alpha clones accept the garbage and let the omegas claim only the skill points.

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Yeah, and you need to wait until the score will be full to redeem it.

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We don’t need double SP. We don’t need to reward players who aren’t playing EVE or make it easier for skill farmers.

Instead of getting shards, players can acquire the actual SKINs/apparel via ISK/LP/PLEX from actually playing the game instead of farming daily login campaigns

Boosters aren’t “auto-used”, they are used when redeemed - if you don’t want to use them at the very moment, don’t redeem them. At any time once you’re logged into your character, you can open the “Redeem Items” window and redeem the boosters to apply them at the moment they are needed.

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So? Is waiting hard for you?

EvE may not be your thing then.

And how you suppose to choose required booster from this bunch in “redeem items”?

It’s not difficult to redeem/discard non-boosters so that the only thing left in the window are boosters. They expire after 14 days, which means that at any given time you will have no more than 14 boosters in the window to choose from. Hover over each one to see the bonuses and apply them. This is literally how it works with regular boosters, except that you’d do this from the inventory window instead of the redeem item window. At least with the redeem item window you don’t need to have the boosters physically with you at the station or in your ship’s cargohold.

The evergreen reward campaign is so bad that I’ve seen people (including on these forums) claim that it was evidence of CCP’s incompetency and that the CSM was out of touch with the needs and wants of the bulk of the player base. On top of that, it is likely not to have the desired effect on player retention and engagement.

The current evergreen reward system is terrible. Some people think it should be improved, while others think it should be removed. Personally, I’d rather CCP iterate on the system to make it better. I’d rather they improved their profits through things like daily rewards than P2W or other anti-consumer monetization methods (i.e. selling SP directly to players through DLC’s).

And, yes, I prefer that they improve profits by making the best game possible. But good daily reward systems do appear to be effective, and I haven’t heard any compelling arguments against it. For example, I’ve heard (1) we’ve gotten by without it so far and (2) mobile games do it.

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I have never seen a daily reward program on any other game where I curse the free garbage every day. It is uniquely Eve, the way you have choices and they matter, even before you have finished logging in.

We had 16+ years of no daily login rewards, and the moment CCP implements them, entitled children come out demanding more free stuff.

The best way to fix it is to get rid of it entirely.


EvE the only game where people complain about free stuff. Maybe its their method of troll.

I renew my suggestion of a disable button for login rewards for the complainers.

Two arguments:

  1. It moves away from sandbox design and player agency, the thing that makes EVE a great game, in favor of making the player a passive spectator. None of the gifts mean anything because you haven’t earned them, you just clicked “accept gift” with no interaction with the game world. It hasn’t been a huge problem yet because the gifts have all been irrelevant trash that many people haven’t even bothered to claim, but making a “meaningful” gift system would be a dangerous thing to do.

  2. It embodies the worst of F2P cash shop design: trying to come up with gimmicks that manipulate people into paying instead of focusing on making a quality product that people want to buy. Nothing about login gifts improves the actual game, it’s just something for marketing material persuading free players to subscribe and get their “free” gifts. And every time finite development resources are spent on F2P nonsense it comes at the expense of a game that is in desperate need of improvements.


Both legit.
Give people something useful or better nothing than the piece of garbage.

So extract your SPs and give them to me if they arent useful

How to fix free stuff? More free stuff

More free =/= more useful.

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One persons junk is another persons treasure