Evergreen Daily Login Rewards


We recently launched a new daily login incentive and have received valuable feedback on it, which we are factoring into future updates. Several bug fixes have already made it into the game, and we intend to be continuously improving various aspects of the feature based on your feedback and data on how players interact with the system from updating the rewards to changes around the functionality and other quality of life fixes. These login rewards will supplement other seasonal rewards, which will still be offered on special occasions to make your experience in EVE Online more exciting.

Today, we have made a set of UI changes to make it more clear which items redeemed from the login rewards will be auto-injected onto your character. We also agree that having boosters activated right away is not ideal and will be improving on this functionality so that you can actually use them in situations where it benefits you.

We’ll continue making regular changes to this system, so please continue sharing your feedback with us.



The term “soulbound” doesn’t belong in a game like Eve, if you are afraid of messing up the economy just stop giving things out ?

Other wise RP / Lore trinkets are a thing.


Wait, so these rewards are there forever? Like not for a limited time, but forever? Can you at least put a “No thanks” button near the claim button so I don’t have to claim then trash my redeem queue every time I login?


It needs some kind of opt-out button. I don’t want 100 boosters and blueprints that I will never use cluttering things up and having the UI for it pop up every time I log in, not to mention the annoying as hell flashing red dot and button associated with it…


These rewards you have to redeem definitely feels like spoonfeeding a marines sergeant with baby food.

Enough is enough.

Give us real stuff, SP, ranks and medals.


Why would anyone ever want to use one of the weak boosters we get from these daily campaigns, ESPECIALLY since they take up the same slots as other, objectively better, boosters?


“Soulbound” items are the hallmark of a Korean grindfest MMO. Just saying…


no wow shi$


I dont want this trash as well.
+1 for opt-out button


And please make these “special occasions” less frequent.
I don’t know about others, but I would not like to see something like this every day I login:


EVE is still a PC game after all…


If you log in you “consent” to the reward screen. HTFU.


good one lol


I’d appreciate you compress those boosters from 5 tiers to 1 or 2. They serve no real purpose other than to flood the booster category.
It’s gotten so bad that Pyfa removed them in the last release.

[v2.20.3] Limited Synth boosters are now hidden


They are completely worthless, The items apply instantly to the character without any ability to sell or hold onto them for a rainy day,

I’m trashing the items now, while I wait for the SP to build up.


Future login nested popups hierarchy: (Sarcastic speculation about future login rewards)

  • Evergreen Daily (always)
    • Seasonal Event (when active)
      • Subscriber-specific Bonus Reward (determined by analytics)
        • Login thank-you message, with simple illustration explaining how to organize promotional offers, and the character selection UI.
          • Checkbox to optionally de-nest popups
          • Checkbox to ‘never show login thank-you again.’

What’s the reasoning behind randomizing the amount of SP built up in the progress bar each day?




Any thought of the ship skins activation being changed similar to the boosters?

I don’t expect my opinion to matter much here, but I dislike the permanent daily login campaign. I feel like it’s a step in the direction of turning Eve, a unique MMO, into the kind of generic grindfest Pearl Abyss is known for. Giving every player random blueprints on a daily basis really goes against the idea that New Eden is an open, player-driven sandbox. Consecutive daily login bonuses are the stuff of mobile games, who are notorious for both preying on whale and having relatively short lifespans.

In short, I’m afraid that this is a permanent step in turning the “Eve Forever” vision into a cash grab so PA gets a return on their investment as fast as possible.


@CCP_Dopamine – my feedback:

  • When an occasional login reward system becomes everyday it changes from “reward” to “chore.” Remember our negative reaction to the Daily Opportunities System? You would be better off simply giving away SP for logging in and skipping the loot crates entirely.

  • All of the rewards being given are useless.

  • “Loot Crates” are repulsive to PC gamers, normally implying “you won’t get a reward from this box unless you buy a premium key to unlock it.” We’re not smartphone users and we’re sick and tired of these things. Just because other games do it doesn’t mean you should. EVE not having them is a plus. One of the reasons I went to EVE in 2016 was to escape the loot crate hell of other MMOs. They fundamentally undermine the self-determined, player-driven sandbox nature of EVE by introducing items that spawn out of nowhere (no lore explanation like with previous campaigns, either).


    • Alliance themed SKINs, just like our logos
    • SKINs for our Citadel interiors
    • SKINs for our Citadel exteriors
    • Player made SKIN contests??? Warframe does this!
    • More color schemes for the UI / NEOCOM
    • Icon packs for the NEOCOM to change the colors and designs of the UI icons
    • A SKIN that changes the entire game to look like 1980s neon wireframe (oh hell yes)
    • UI Sound packs which change Aura’s voice to different voices e.g. male, robot, old Aura
    • Character hats that sit on our heads instead of replacing our hair
    • More varieties of character hairstyles, eye colors, etc.
    • Character Resculpt that changes Bloodline/Gender – come on, it’s 2020…?
    • Fanciful or lengthy engine trails for my ships
    • SKINs that change the color or particle effects of weapon systems
    • Why are some SKINs only available on some hulls but not others, even though the others are practically the same ship design? For example, the Hurricane Fleet Issue and the Sleipnir don’t have nearly as many SKINs as the baseline Hurricane does.

You have several options:

  • give out crap stuff no one cares about and really is only seen as a nuisance every time you log in
  • give out stuff that’s way to good which will affect the ingame economy and items
  • give out stuff that’s RP or lore related, so they’re meaningless in terms of ingame usage or performance but they add some spice to the game
  • don’t give out anything at all because the useless stuff is useless and we REALLY don’t want game or economy breaking stuff either

Two of those options are bad and the other two are preferred. Entice us with the GAME, not with shiny plastic trinkets.

Stick to newbie login rewards, they are helped with it and they might need convincing to stay and play. If you’re still trying to convince older players with shiny silliness you’re doing it wrong.