Is the Daily Login Campaign going away on the 11th?

I’ve heard at the SP rewards from the Daily Login Campaign were going away. I have no clarification if the whole thing is going away or just SP rewards. If this is true, what is the source?

I’ve only seen information regarding the AIR Career Program changing for the worst for Alphas and better for Omegas.

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Yes it is going away.


Yep - gone, gone, gone…


Odd way to word it. The new AIR Daily Goals are replacing the current AIR Daily Goals. The DLI is just being removed with no replacement.

They really have it in for beginning Alphas. Geez.

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Alphas are basically trial accounts…


Sucks (more) to be an Alpha with Equinox.

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Not really an odd way to word it, the 2 are essentially being combined, the old AIR goals are being expanded by adding some of the DLI rewards, yes logging in and then logging straight out is being removed, you’ll have to actually undock and be in space in order to earn your SP now, will mean i don’t have to worry about remembering to login anymore as i will just ignore the rewards unless i’m actually online to do something


From what I can tell by the pictures shown there will be no more SKINS or Boosters. Or are they peppering these things (SKINS and boosters) into the AIR Daily rewards? If not, is the whole Halcyon line done?

It’s a shame that the login rewards are being combined. I really liked some of that stuff. Not worth doing anything for them other than just logging in, though, tbh.

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No idea to be fair, we haven’t seen what the full lineup of AIR rewards ends up being

I run nothing but alpha, and to be honest, I don’t always pick up the daily login junk. However recently I have been getting rewards of SP and Marks for just doing stuff I would have done while playing the game. Players regardless of their status should be rewarded for playing the game and not for attendance.

Fly safe o7

:thinking: Well, since today is the 10th of June, guess it’s the last hurrah for the log-in rewards, better get em while they’re still available… :unamused:

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so i’m never gonna get the halcyon skin for my legion :frowning:

When a company stops giving you something that costs them 0 to provide, you should pay attention.

Classic CCP move.

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I guess for people like me who don’t have time to play very often lately and just keep paying for the Omega to get the daily rewards, no use paying for it anymore unless I decide to commit to playing for a block of time.
I have been paying monthly since 2013 and keeping my skills training going but not on-line much because family has grown along with responsibilities but can’t stand the idea of just killing my account after all these years.

Don’t know, something I’m going to have to think about now value vs cost.

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Yes and no, they stopped giving you something for 0 effort on your part, the rewards have been mostly moved over to the AIR dailies which require you to login and actually undock to do something

CCP wants pilots logged in and playing because those metrics look good, i’m not really surprised the DLI went away, sure it means i have less reasons to open the client each day but in the end its mostly designed to increase the number of active people


Well I am frankly disgusted.

Today was supposed to be “SP” and yesterday was a skin for a ship I will never use.

I like to do both; the air goals for the 10k SP, AND the Omega Login Rewards.

Now I’m starting to think there will be neither.

Take it away from Alphas, by all means, they’re a net drain on society, but leave it in for Omegas!


Folks who login and play every day won’t loose much, if anything. Those who play semi-daily or just a few times a month - those players are losing out with this new feature. I can not get into the CCP’s heads and know what’s brewing, but from my perspective - often decisions are made with too little concern and too little attention from the devs to the little guys.

Me personally - I could not care less about the daily login boosters or even SP. SP is nice, but to me the SKINs were always the highlight. I am currently on a half of year worth of hiatus, probably at least that much more left before I might return to the game. Before that time comes - there is no chance I will start actually logging in, even though I do plan on keeping two of my main accounts in omega state.

Daily login bonus together with the daily missions was a nice way to reward players with small trinkets, where those who do not get a chance to play the game every single day were still feeling connected to the game in some way. “Free” daily login bonus was at least SOMETHING to make a player load the launcher, collect the bonus but also get a glimpse of the news. Sometimes that can also make a player come back to the game if, for example, there is a new expansion or some sort of an event going on.

Now this is lost. I am also curious to know how the new system will work and what will be needed to get the bonuses, but I will be surprised if it will not be benefiting PvP or PvE players more than the others. EVE is a game where you can truly have your own path and play the game in your own way. Not saying that it is outright impossible to make the daily missions work well for everyone , but I just do not see this playing out well for a large portion of the players. I do hope I get proven wrong but… I will be losing my previous omega bonuses regardless.

Thumbs-down from me.

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Its just a set of daily login challenges, shoot x NPC’s, scan x sigs etc, complete enough to progress along a reward track, the current SKINR rewards are on such a track, its basically the same as the event tracks where you earn points to earn rewards

No boosters, less SP, no SKINs, no filaments. It has not been “moved over”. It’s just gone with no replacement. And if you are alpha they’ve overtly diminished even the AIR Dailies. And even for Omega it is an overall nerf as I’m sure you got more than 75K a month thru the Login reward. I do not understand why you would try to sugarcoat this like some kind of CCP stooge. It’s a nerf. Plain and simple.

I’m willing to bet the vast majority of people do not care about Evermarks. We’ll see about SKINR, but it looks very restrictive and more of a chore. 8M additional isk a month is nothing. The only thing of value after the 12 days is the SP. Which again, has been lowered across the board for both alpha and omega. They could have actually incorporated the Daily Login into the AIR Daily, but they didn’t. This isn’t about increasing in-game activity or not giving away stuff for free, but rather taking stuff away.