Daily junk

Please can we stop with the junk we are given everyday in these loot boxes?

I can’t just decline them as obviously I won’t throw away free SP, but the constant junk I have to endure for the free SP is insane. Especially when it’s on multiple characters.

Can you add a way to decline all the junk loot boxes and only take the daily SP?



The SP you get for logging in everyday for a month and making yourself angry is worth a few dollars.

How about don’t log in every day and go mow some lawns for an hour. At the end of the month you’ll not only feel better, but have lots of money to buy SP with.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Really? You are that lazy and entitled?

You can literally just drag the SP from the redeem bar at the bottom of the login screen onto the character you want. You can ignore the rest. They all have relatively short expirations and will just disappear from the redeem window if you ignore it.

Or you can ignore it all, it’s all free stuff anyhow.


But if he did that AND also got the daily SP he would get EVEN more SP in total so he would end up in the same situation. :smiling_imp:


They’re an incentive for new players to log in and get some basic rewards. If you think it’s junk then it wasn’t meant for you, not everything is about you.


Hey company,

I know you keep sending me free stuff, but I only really want one specific thing. Can you stop sending me everything else and just send me this one thing?

Kthx bye.


I am really surprised that CCP makes it this easy on us. A lot of other games wouldn’t let you have the stuff without logging (all the way) in, and they wouldn’t let you skip a day, either. CCP even gave us a redeem queue, rather than just dumping the stuff into whatever hangar or cargo hold.

It could be a much worse deal. The OP should realize that whining about The Deal will probably lead CCP to rethinking it, probably for the worse. A couple years ago, CCP would hand out 1,000,000+ skillpoints for special events. Now it is more like 30,000.


meh…I can’t complain to much about this. I just need the booster items to expire as they linger.

One account has no biology trained chars so these are there till expired. A very minor inconvenience given my cheapness/laziness to pay for biology and train it and the SP its given over time.

The free booster items suck anyway. I think they’re just there for players to know they exist and maybe go into the drug making/using market.

Dray Cil


Well, the backlash to that was immense. I know, I argued about it extensively back when people missed it.

Such a shame too, it was a good gift.

this is why we can’t have actual new and creative things because you guys are totally happy to settle for such lackluster.

I agree that the daily rewards are a dumb idea. Last I checked it was t1 rail gun crap – either make it something interesting or get rid of it. thing is - it takes no brain to realize this so hope levels are at an all time low.

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What is wrong with a free FEMALE BASEBALLCAP?

Oh wait, I see your point.

I do admit - there is a LOT of junk. We should jettison each time at a scenic beauty spot.


You got to admit, that red number at the left bottom of the screen is more than a little annoying, and having to click it to look at a bunch of useless items to shut it off is degrading. Must be a burden for massive multiboxers.

They did an amazing one once. 1 million skillpoints.

But then people bitched about how CCP didnt give them enough time to redeem. So I think that killed any future giveaways of that magnitude.

The real people that are actually f**king up this for the rest of us are the people who are completely ungrateful and make CCP go “Well, why bother then”.

Theyre intended for new players, not older ones. Did you expect CCP to give out titans?


But the screens are full of really colorful icons and stuff like loot boxes in other games how can you resist just clicking all over it to get something that must be wonderful and magical its why I log in

Another cool trick is did U know after your done clearing red dots, you can trade all your loot to alt in same station and do it all again! My favorite trick is sort stuff by value, clear half the red dots, and then re-sort by item type. This jumbles the remaining red dots around and you have to hunt for them!

Frikking fantastic!

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Hangar/inventory section organization (or ocd lol) helps.

I like to put things in containers of varying size. Like containers for ammo, modules, loot to melt, loot to sell. Liked this so much I just got some container bpo’s and put some research on it. First day or so of a new pve spot its, melt loot, make containers off of copies made.

For me red dots stand out…they’d be the items not in a container.

Only for those on the spectrum. The rest of us find it easy to simply ignore.

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“i get some stuff for free but i only want the cool stuff … i dont want to work so please give me only the cool stuff because i am to lazy to sort the stuff out myself”

so just ignore the login thing and dont klick it or do what we all do … klick it an throw the stuff you dont need in a can …


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I was not aware that you had been appointed official representative for “the rest of us”. When is the next election?

How about those who do other things at the same time as playing EVE, who rely on the corner of their eye to pick up information from their monitor? If I remember correctly, that red number is not only red, its got a shimmering box around it too. If so, rather than it be annoying for those “on the spectrum”, I think failure to find it annoying might be indicative of partial brain death.