Omega Daily rewards?!

Free stuff!

First gift is limited synth boosters mk IV

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yes and mine activated once redeemed ? anyone else had this issues


awe man, that sucks.

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Whether that’s a bug or intended remains to be seen, but the text does clearly state that it will apply immediately once claimed. Which, of course, makes it a bit useless. It is however in line with their recent freebie skin-thing, so who knows if they meant to do it or not.

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same on all accounts …

applied not redeemed



Great more soul-bound crap, that isn’t meant to influence the game.

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I think this is intended .
CCP did try last time with the alpha safeguarder skins .
It is like a exploration for them : what work ( generated more actions they would think it triggers) and what does not work .
If they think there will generate more (pve-pvp), I think they are fooling themself , but that is a good try .

Same for the strange way now , SP are given , this is a new delivery system
wait a full bar lol


Yeah, they have like a 20min effect with biology V (not to mention the fact you might not even get the one(s) you want). I wonder if you can redeem them while flying around in space?

Screw it. Let’s see…

Nope. You must be docked in a station or structure to redeem.

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It’s the new meta: A combat booster you can’t really take with you into combat.


Seems a bit dumb, hopefully a test or mistake - otherwise suggests a lack of knowledge about the game


Something funny : the SP rewarded are not constant it is about 4500 or 6000 SP/account.
There is a randomness feature in the rewarded sp …

I’d like to know if there is any new value other than 4500 or 6000 SP …

:red_circle: This instant application of boosters is wonderful. You cannot activate it in space even though they are only applicable in space. You have to dock to redeem them but then you lose time of the booster duration because you are docked. This is fantastic. I really wonder who on earth gives CCP these kinds of ideas. This is too dumb even for a darwin award.


Of course, I only have a sample size of 5, but I wonder if it’s tied to SP, age of the account, or something like that…

I made 6k progress towards a 150k goal on my 4 oldest accounts, all with toons over 100mil sp on them, and only made 4.5k progress on my youngets omega account (max SP toon is 35mil).

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Well this reward was a bust, but I do like the idea. For example, I like Warframe’s daily reward system. Naturally, the bulk of the rewards are rather insignificant, but others can range from okay to amazing (especially the gauranteed rewards for when you reach login milestones -i.e. 50 days, 100 days, etcetera).

Also, I love free, unallocated SP. So, I’m always happy with that.


Agreed. I’ll enjoy the SP and laugh at how poorly thought out the booster seems to be, and come out ahead in both mirth and value.


Auto apply on boosters of this kind sucks. They will hog space on redeem window now, to the moment I would want to use them!


CCP I love you :heart:

I redeemed this crap and you automatically trashed it for me :)) sweet , no shlt in hangar …


:red_circle: And you know what is even funnier? If you have not trained Biology, you cannot redeem this booster at all. :joy:



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Being applied immediately when redeemed is intended.