Daily junk

There should be two options on that daily login screen, one to “accept”, and the second one to “trash”.


There is, near enough. Even tho “trash” is a two step process.

EDIT: which includes logging all the way in. Unfortunately.

It’s not that hard. You ctrl click those things you dont want, hit the trash can icon in bottom left of window and they are gone. You just accept everything else, like SP.

The rewards don’t sound like a big deal, until you have a dozen-plus accounts to go through on a daily basis. I don’t give two shits about the normal daily rewards, but I don’t want to miss unique skins and such, so I have to deal with a massive hassle if I want to have them.

I don’t see why events need to have more than one “claim day” in which you get a crate of items that you can then open up at will. I’m not buying the explanation that this is for the sake of “login numbers” because we never see these figures quoted in the media, and I doubt that it’s some kind of internal metric they use to impress each other during board meetings because they know that it’s a meaningless statistic.

CCP could create a lot of goodwill by simplifying the reward claim process and not making it so OCD/FOMO-triggering. Of course, knowing them, they’ll probably take the exact opposite approach, and make it so players have to choose between unique rewards on a daily basis, so you get to feel extra-bad knowing that you’ll never be able to have every unique collectible being offered.

If someone at CCP is reading this, I hope they understand that this reward queue system is so annoying, that it often makes me not want to play the game after I’m done going through my accounts for a day.


It’s horrible, all those players who have enough to spend on multiple accounts are forced to accept free stuff! … If there was ever a lesson to be had about marginal utility, this might be it.

We poors, are more than happy to take the free stuff.


What an unusual thing to get upset about :roll_eyes:


I expect them to hand it out to new players…or to otherwise try to produce something of quality.

CCP is encouraging children to take drugs.
What a shame.

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Looks like some people have a clicking disability, they’re click challenged :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
How cruel of you CCP. Make everything automatic to where we don’t even have to open the client, everything is already done.
CCP, can I just send you an email everyday with goals and you just code so it happens? I don’t want to have to click one more time to start the game after I already clicked to open the client!

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The discussion is about the junk CCP is offering as rewards every day. The discussion is not about how difficult it is.

Shitty UI is shitty UI no matter how lazy I am.

Many enjoy CCP’s shift of the game to be like other item-shop based games. Some do not. It has nothing to do with how easy the ui is despite your condescension.

Sorry it’s invite only. For those who don’t always play pedantic word games in order to gloss over arguments.

I’ve never had it be a problem personally. I guess my eyeballs have gotten trained on what flashy red is important to pay attention to :laughing:


I thought it was a simple enough question. Nothing in there about me running or wanting invited.

I was thinking lack of peripheral vision ie, tunnel vision. This is something a lot of guys have. I trained myself for better peripheral vision knowing that. And I am not interested in changing.

That happens when going too deep in the abyss, the pressure forces this behavior. I advice to take small breaks from time to time.

(not sure if we are serious or trolling here - I am not)

You are playing a difficult game if you don’t like changing, considering how much CCP likes to change the rules on us.

Seriously though, this whole argument is silly. It’s not that hard to address. If you don’t like the flashy number on your free stuff box you can.

  1. ignore the free stuff. Nobody is making you take it.
  2. click on the free stuff box. you don’t even have to redeem it into your station. just click and close, and it goes away.

Personally I’ve ended up liking it. After over a decade in this game I had all these free BP’s so I figured let’s finally try out this indy stuff.

I’m always serious. Even when seriously trolling :rofl:

But I never take anything too seriously, especially when it involves the internet.

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Okay. We are done. I didn’t read beyond that.

Two flashing red boxes on my screen are not only new, they are unwelcome by myself and others. This has zip to do with EVE’s gameplay or rules or my ability to play. Bye.

Maybe at some point CCP will just stop giving out free daily login rewards and everyone can be happy.

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The only reason they ever began was to try to mimic the success that mobile phone clicker/grinder games have experienced by utilizing this method to increase item shop conversion rates. I play quite a few other PC games and MMOs, and I can’t name a single one that has “daily rewards” for penny-shop items like this. But almost every single mobile game does - you get small injection of the “points” or whatever that are earned through playing, but the kind of points that aren’t the premium points, and that you don’t earn enough of in a day to make meaningful progress, so the daily routine becomes (1) get a bit of the free points, (2) do the daily play cycle to make use of the free points you got, (3) realize you didn’t earn enough of the free points to make progress, so you visit the item shop to buy some “premium” points and make progress that way.

You people should be much less concerned with making fun of/talking down to anyone who brings up dissatisfaction with the reward queue, and start being more concerned with how CCP/PA view you as customers. They are choosing to follow the mobile “freemium” methodology instead of conventional PC gaming monetization schemes, and that should absolutely terrify you.

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I’ve never said I like the free rewards either. And yes I don’t like some of directions things have been going.

However it isn’t a binary. I can be concerned with the direction CCP is going, AND I can make fun of people complaining about nitpicky issues. :joy:


You can also swing back your knees behind your ears and fart out the Fifth Symphony.

Doesn’t mean you should.

They are in fact banking on certain players (possibly even the majority) defending their methodologies in order to give them legitimacy. You guys are saying stuff like “you don’t have to claim them if you don’t want to” but that completely ignores the real, tangible issues behind why this system is bad for us as PC MMO gamers. It’s a total sheeple move, but you’re free to be proud of it if you want.

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The person who made this post knows it stinks of entitlement and laziness. No idea why… I don’t mind the stuff some of it is worth 5mil ISK and some boosters I do use. :slight_smile:

Except that it doesn’t.

The funny irony of this is people complain about it, but they don’t want to do anything about it.

CCP is not going to change due to anything said in any of these threads. They have kept the daily rewards for this long because it is working. I’m sure they follow all the metrics of who collects the rewards. Who logs in after to play etc etc.

IF people want it to change, they need to put there money where their mouth is. If CCP saw metrics that large numbers of people are saying “no thanks” to the free daily rewards they would take notice.

Now would this actually work? Probably not. But it has a better chance of effecting change than whining on the forums.

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