Is the Daily Login Campaign going away on the 11th?

Agree to disagree then i guess

Most of the time the boosters went unused for me and the free skins are normally just bad ones anyway, i don’t think i ever had a really good skin drop, the SP is still there its just after a longer period of time and you have to earn it, not that i care about SP with 7mil unallocated lol

Do the math. The SP is not there. As an Omega you get 75K more per 30 days than the AIR Dailies, but that is less than you would have gotten thru the Daily Login rewards on average. For Alphas you get 75K less per 30 days. Minus the Login rewards and it’s even more subtracted. It’s math. Unless you can disagree that 2+2=4, there can be no disagree. You can not care, but you can’t genuinely disagree. It’s objectively lesser SP and item rewards. This isn’t an opinion.


I see. Well, all I can say is that there is a difference between logging in and starting your EVE day with a GIFT… vs having to earn your gift. Which is not even a gift at this point any more.

Up to now we had a choice between earning that secondary daily freebie, but now it will feel more like a chore. And for some it will become a chore - no freebies, you gotta grind for everything now.

Once again - will this affect serious players? Mostly not. Except maybe not all the alts will be getting the freebies now but other than that - a part of the player base will be losing out because their way of playing the game has little to nothing to do with the daily chores. Not convinced this is a net positive change by any means.

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I see a whole lot of first-time or not-in-a-long-time posters on here whining about not getting free sh*t anymore…

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They did it to cut down on the 137 million free Alpha account SP farms.

No, they did it to push other things into your face. I mean fair enough, but it does come at an expense that a lot of low-end players will not be happy about.

50k free alpha SP per month is not even remotely worth the effort to do the daily login for 30 days straight. Amounts to an entire one(1) skill extractor per year, which CCP actually profits from anyway. If there are players having massive automated alpha-daily-login rewards - one does not need to think too much to find better ways to deal with that, no?

Which should tell you just how many players are unhappy with this and are trying to get their voices heard.

Alphas don’t get a vote…

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Hell alphas dont get to vote on the csm either

That seems a highly specific number. And thats a lot of logging in to get that “farming.” Any way to back that info up? Or you just talking out your backside?

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@Vestara_Khei you pay them NOT to play a game?

I am not omega, unless you count that free week they handed us. I am using it to skill up faster as my 6 characters are all less than 5 million. As for this debate about daily login rewards versus AIR rewards, I think what they did is much better. Doing stuff and getting a reward for doing it is playing a game. This other thing you are doing is not playing. It is as bad as paying for Netflix and refusing to watch it, because you have bills to pay.

No, I worry more about game companies that cut and remove content that I actually enjoy. I did not enjoy the DL popping up nor was it “fun” to press a button telling it to collect some stuff. It took me less than an hour to complete those 3 tasks. I know it is 4 tasks, but two told me to kill 25 NPCs. It would have been less - but I built a ship too.

To everyone crying over this, I highly recommend you evaluate your reasons, for shelling out cash, to not play online social games. I play games with people, although I imagine there are some of you who look at this as a one player game? I would understand being bitter, if they pulled out game content. I was very bitter when the last game did that to me. Removing playable content is very different than some random buffs, skins, and other giveaways for login. However they are not removed as much as they have been moved to the playable content you have avoided.

Have fun!

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Pure hyperbole on my part, but probably not far off the mark. It didn’t take players long to figure out how to farm Alphas for the AIR SP injectors.

They probably also got a bit tired of people hammering the login server with their eleventy alpha accounts, all at the same time.


IMO the AIR injectors wouldnt be the main issue as that is significant play time to gain those. I mean technically it took an alpha 10 months to earn an Injector at 50K SP a month with log in rewards. Thats logging in daily for almost a year to earn what in the end? 1 Injectors worth of SP beyond the 5mil free alpha training skill level. After buying off the market or paying CCP for the extractors in some way, the profit is (at current levels) 500-900mil isk every 10 months.

Maybe that was too high for CCP to give out…

Course you could also build up alpha accounts extremely slowly for many years if you think of the long game and with the 10K a day, which equated to approx 200-300k/month depending on how many you did to a significant amount of SP to “build” up alts. Guess the gravy trains over.

Thanx for all the fish CCP!!

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Or an alpha can buy injectors for 50k each. Cheaper than the LSI theyd buy and give less SP over all.

10 alpha injectors are cheaper than one LSI and you get 500k SP over 400k.

Yes, though you have to wait 24 hours between injection for those so its less “instant” gratification and more the medium term time game.

I’d hardly call it “free” sh*t when you’re paying between $10-15 per month for Omega, and it costs CCP nothing to give.

Alphas are mainly the ones complaining. As an Omega, I couldn’t give two sh*ts less about daily rewards.


So no more skins and boosters. The boosters was nice lol.

Free sh*t that I pay them for?

Being forced to engage in content you don’t want to do or miss out on valuable stuff is peak FOMO bullsh*t.

Just the beginning of turning eve into a daily task rat race to force “engagement”