Daily Rewards - New AIR System

What happened to use being able to choose our daily missions like they announced at FanFest? I can’t find anywhere they indicate this was changing.

The new one seems “okay” but still forces you to maybe do activities you don’t typically want or need to do.

You can choose. You’re not forced to anything to start with. If you choose to do two of the four daily goals, you get an extra SP reward.


I got no daily goals

Look under Opportunities - the new daily goals are there.

You’re right, I just envisioned it would be more than this. Just seems so basic, I thought it would be more detailed for tasked we enjoyed. Like being able to do 2-3 explorer dailies.

You know, or kill X enemies, and clear X combat sites, deal X amount of DMG Type.

I guess overall, it just feels lackluster. Instead its do 1 mining, 1 explorer, 1 combat, and 1 PVP.

Not sure if today’s tasks are any indication, but 3/4 are really outside what I normally do (mine, scan and remote rep).

There’s intended to be one for each of their “career paths”: Industrialist, Explorer, and the PVP and PVE options.

Suggestion for daily task: Hail your corpmates

Players will need to figure out what that means. But it means just type something in corp chat. Thats an essential daily task.

used to always do the dailies on all 9 of my toons but now its in the daft air folder i can kiss goodbye to them and have even less of a reason to log in daily


My dailies today were the same as yesterday. Which is kinda good because 2 of them are easy (rep and mine) but, if they are to be the same everyday, they will quickly get boring and chore-like. The 4 were: Scan, rep a bro, kill PC and mine.

Edit: 3rdd ay and mine are different: kill, kill, scan sig, scan relic

^ Same here as well.

Suddenly arrived about 19.00 GMT Wednesday 13/12

The new rewards are kind of pick and chose in that you pick two to get the big skillpoint pot.

A upgrade over 2/3 or 3/3 being abysal if doing other activities not trying for them I can get the rewards organically.

Though I dont like I cant see them on overview as easily like a tab. The winter thing has a tab even though I finished it.

Taday my main has 3 tasks and the UI shows that if I complete 2 of them I get 10k SP. That’s fine, but my alt only has 2 tasks showing and the UI doesn’t show an SP reward.

Will complete the tasks and report back if the alt got SP or not.

Logging out and logging back in fixed the UI. Sort it out, CCP

The AIR Opportunities system follows the CCP design process: replace something that’s working with useless bloated junk that takes 5 times as long to complete for half the reward.

The original Skilling Spree system was decent, reasonable tasks for reasonable rewards. I used those fairly often. Then they “upgraded” it to the Abyssal model, where over half of the tasks involved Abyssal kills and half the rewards were Evermarks - useless to someone who isn’t planning to play Space Barbie. (And TBH the Space Barbie options in EVE, especially the Evermark ones, are pretty terrible even if you do like that sort of thing.)

But OK, even if only half of half of the Abyssal Skillings were worth doing, well at least I occasionally did a few.

But now they’ve moved on to AIR Opportunities “Kill the Skilling” system. With only 10k SP for (from what I’ve seen) roughly double the time taken for what used to be 15k or 25k SP rewards.

And the screen bloat! Good lord, somehow the ‘developmentally challenged’ designers at CCP must have watched the “Supersize Me!” documentary and somehow been fooled into thinking it was a new design trend.

The absolute smallest I can make that window is roughly 5-6 times the space it used to take up! And the old “floating 1-line list” display leaves space fairly visible around/behind it so it’s not completely blocking my view. AIR Opps has apparently gone the route of thinking that bloated, colored, shaded, space-wasting nonsense is the most important thing I could be focusing on while in space.

CCPlease, I don’t know whose unemployable nephew you’ve hired to direct these various UI changes for the past year or two, but for heaven’s sake give them a fake gold watch and retire them.

Get a real UI designer on the team before you do more damage.


It feels to me as if CCP wants us to stay in space and play more and do less and engage with their UI and systems more. Terrible shame tbh as I know a lot of people wont log in more for the rewards but I can see how they want to limit the rewards and have seemed to reduce them each step its been over the years since they were started.
Ultimately they are engineering their own game and rules to the system of Eve Online which is the same they have been doing since the beginning in 2003.

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I did find that there’s an easier way to collect the rewards (they seem to accumulate under the rewards tab so you can let them build up and then collect them all at once).

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So today I took a look at the AIR Opps on several chars. Wow. Okay, my own bad for not reading up on this system in the devblogs. I glanced at it long enough to see it was a replacement for the Skilling Spree system, figured “well that’s been mostly working OK for the past few years, they can’t possibly screw that up too much”, and put it aside for later.

More fool me!

Aside from my earlier post about replacing a very small, useful, functional interface with a fat, clunky, awkward troublesome interface, and also at the same time making the system take twice as long for half the reward… they managed to bork it even harder!

You all likely already know this, but today was my first day of looking at multiple chars on it. And what did I find? Every pilot on every account gets the exact same set of AIR Opps each day. So basically, every single pilot in the game with an interest in these will be out in space in similar builds doing similar things and contesting for the same base resources/situations.

The amount of fail in this implementation is just staggering. I’m hoping I missed a blog or something where they’ve announced this is just a temporary step while they work out decent missions and rewards for it.

But I doubt it.


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