AIR Daily Goals - where are my opportunities?

It’s great that I can get a 10,000 SP bonus reward from completing two daily goals - however, two of my toons only got one opportunity in todays selection.

What’s going on, the last few days, each toon got 4 opportunities to choose from…

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well, no replies - does that mean that all of you get all 4 opportunities…every day??

I cannot believe I am the only one that didn’t even get 2 so I could get the bonus…

Today after downtime, minutes old:

and yes, every day 4 opportunities, via the menu on the left of the opportunities window:

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yes, I got them all 4 on all my toons…today

yesterday, only got 1

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I think someone else mentioned getting less than 4 opps a couple weeks ago. It doesn’t appear to be common or we’d see it mentioned more.

Best I can recommend is if it happens, screenshot it and send it to Support. Either as bug report or request to have a GM look at it, whichever you prefer. They reset stuck missions fairly quickly, usually, maybe they can reset these.

Edit: I haven’t really poked at AIR Opps much yet, since to me it seems like yet another fail on CCP’s part (replacing a working system with a worse, clunkier, grindier, bloated UI system and less reward). But did you perhaps do some Opps on one char and that carried over to the other chars? I haven’t checked yet if the the Opp system can be done separately on each character or if it’s account-wide and can only be completed once. Even if it’s meant to be individual, it’s possible for the UI to carry over to the next char on the same account when you switch - I’ve had that happen in the past on some UI elements.

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As all “daylies” it has its flaws (some of the tasks are really time consuming) and good points (some of the tasks can be done lightning fast), but overall it is a guaranteed way of amassing sp on all one’s characters every day - which was not possible in the previous version.

I’ve run them consistently since they were implemented. I haven’t had a single instance of not getting the offers nor of x-contamination between characters. But sure enough, other UI elements sometimes do carry over, just not this one in my experience.

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To clarify, I have 3 accounts, one of which has two toons - all 4 toons get dailies. The one with 2 toons has no carryover that I can determine.

I got 4 each again today, so maybe the issue has been fixed.

Log out, log back in. You will have 4 dailys

nah, didn’t work - tried that right away…

but, again, it seems to have fixed itself - only happened two days and hasn’t happened for a few days now. The strange part is that it happened on more than one of my accounts on the same days and it doesn’t seem to have happened to you guys. Logic doesn’t work in EVE space I guess.

This issue is back.

It started yesterday - this morning, I have only 3 opportunity choices on all toons. In fact, there IS a problem with this feature somewhere, 2 toons got a message “could not reach the server, try again later” when searching for the tasks…

extra data: As I’m looking at the different toons, I see that the 3 choices are not the same for each (but almost) which leads me to believe that the algorithm just failed to pick up all 4 available choices…

Yep, something seems to have glitched

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