AIR daily goals not counting correctly

the new AIR daily goals are not counting correctly.

I had to scan 5 sigs, it was fullfilled after scanning about 14 - 15 sigs.

Another AIR goal was to mining 2.000 ore, I got about 2.700 moonore, progess is showing 356/2000.

I waited over 30min if there is a delay before I opened this post.

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Same. Scanned about 10 signatures and it’s shown no progress so far.

The UI is glitchy. Log out and log back in maybe

it was fixed with the update a day later, since them no more problems seen

I had to log out / log back in today to sort it out

@CCP: I have 4 characters, they seem to be all getting exactly the same challenges, is this intentional? I would rather enjoy a random assignment for EACH of the characters.

Yes, it seems a bit silly, but the entire server all get the same AIR Opportunities each day.

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