No daily goals found

Didnt work still December/

cogwheel in the top right corner of the launcher window.
‘Tools / Cache’ tab
‘Verify’ button and wait.

anyone have same problem?

That’s normal. It’S a typical poorly developed CCP feature. You need to relog several times potentially to make them show up.
Funny thing is that they are still being tracked.

I made a LOT of relog during 2.5 months:)

In that case you probably have to wait a few hours or until the next DT. Or you have several characters and hope that other chars have more/all DGs visible, like it’s the case for me most of the time. CCP really needs to learn to code properly but they refuse to.

Tried another PC. All work

It’s really weird. I wonder what @CCP_Chimichanga has to say about this. This distributed outsourced tech is his brainchild.

How to contact him?
Dont know, how to send private message here:(

UP…cannot solve it

When I don’t see my Daily Goals display properly, I have to click on the side menu title of Daily Goals to refresh them. edit: Actually I have to click on the (Home) All icon to get more goals to display properly.