What's with the Bill Cosby treatment?

Just about every day I log in I’m getting drugs shoved down my throat. Here try this. Here you’ll like what this one does. Has this game always been pushy with the drugs or is this a new tactic?

are you referring to the log in bonus stuff?
if so, yea thats fairly new, by just a few months. Gives everyone some type of bonus for logging into the game.

If you are referring to the daily login rewards (also called evergreen rewards), they came out in April and include things like 30-minutes boosters, low-run 0/0 BPCs, and 7-day SKINs, meant to introduce players to a wider variety of game mechanics. For example, boosters aren’t covered anywhere in the New Player Experience, so a lot of players don’t learn about them until another player mentions their use for PvP. Now, every player knows they exist - and more are using them, even if just to get a feel for how they can impact gameplay, since hey, they are free and cannot be sold so why not try one out when heading out to roam or mission or whatever.

The utterly random nature makes the evergreen rewards pretty hit-or-miss (like a volatile skin for a ship you cannot fly, or a booster for gunnery skills on a missile pilot) but it’s free stuff to experiment with anyway - and you can always trash them if you aren’t interested in them. You ALSO accumulate SP toward 50/150k unallocated SP rewards (alpha/omega respectively), just for hitting claim, and the collection rate equates to filling the bar every 30 days of claimed rewards (they do not have to be consecutive- the bar only resets when it gets full).

More details and the place to give CCP feedback here:


Funny you mention this… I said this the other day:

I happily crib perfectly logical points from other contributors. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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