Feedback re: new "Evergreen" login incentives

We have recently seen the deployment of a login incentive system for Omega accounts that has been referred to internally as “Evergreen”. I would like to share a few pieces of feedback regarding my experience with this content thus far:

There was no notification of this incentive system shared on the official forums (here), nor in a dev blog, nor as an Eve Online News item. This lack of official communication led to an inability to share this information via the game launcher as well.

While the standard claim -> redeem mechanic for login incentives is clearly indicated and also well established in the player experience for existing players, a few beats have been missed, since function was added and no official communication was issued.

Firstly, there is no indication to the player that the amount of points awarded per day filling up the new skill point reward bar is random within a given range.

Secondly, while the auto-consume SKIN license for the Tech I logistics cruisers offered in the previous login campaign clearly indicated that the license would be automatically applied to the character redeeming the reward as opposed to receiving a SKIN license item, the new Limited Synth boosters which also auto-consume upon redemption, use the identical description text to their “normal”, pre-existing booster variants, leaving no indication that these will be auto-consumed.

Thirdly, and again, only exacerbated by the fact that expectations were not set by an official communication about this incentive program, players are disappointed with the rather lackluster rewards being offered.

Lastly, there is no indication of whether these incentives are to be offered indefinitely with the skill point reward bar resetting after the 150,000 skill point reward is gained, or if the obtaining of the skill point reward signals the end of this instance of the program, for that specific account.

I hope that these issues can be addressed and/or clarified, so that this incentive program can best accomplish the goal(s) intended for it.

There already is a topic for it. Go away.

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Yeah, most your complaints have been brought up by other players, and CCP Aurora said that she would pass them on.

Anyway, (1) I’d bet that the SP reward will reset every time you claim it (2) CCP will probably give better feedback on the character select screen about rewards that are automatically applied, (3) I’d like to think that the rewards get better. CCP does have to be careful not to negatively impact the economy or balance, but current rewards are so bad that they’re almost like troll gifts.

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