Reapply same kind of booster

It’s pretty simple - let us reapply a bosster of the same kind, we are already using. In these times where cerebral accelerators are availeble, i find myself with down time, as I know it’ll run out during my sleep. Why not let me use another one before the timer expires? You should ofc not be able to use a new kind, so you can switch to another kind of boost.

Let me hear what you guys think. :slight_smile:

Cerebral accelerators are a perk. If you want to maximize the perk, alarm clock it. Like everything else in Eve, those who work hardest deserve the best (I’m not saying that’s how it is, rather that’s how it should be).

Combat boosters shouldn’t matter because you can just keep a spare in your hold.



OP: I would like a perfectly reasonable quality of life adjustment to the game

Usual Forum Trolls: No. CCP should force everyone playing to install needles in the keyboard so just playing is physically painful, much less make a change that just improves things for everyone overall.

You mean it’s not a faceboard? WHO LIED TO ME!


I’m fairly sure the reason not is due to the fact that the chemicals which make up the booster do not mix well with a refresh. You would only get to a max boost timer and then the chems would begin breaking down again.

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