10:06:42 Notify

10:06:42 Notify You cannot consume the Crimson Harvest Cerebral Accelerator as you are already using another similar booster Crimson Harvest Cerebral Accelerator.

Last one ran out about 15 minutes ago - is there a cooling down period?

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It’s a bug that’s been mentioned before.

Try log off and back on. Not sure if that’ll work, but worth a try.

Here’s a Reddit thread discussing it. Apparently the bug is if you’re ONLINE when it expires, you have to wait until server restart to use the next one. But sometimes logging off and back on may fix it.

You almost certainly need Game Master assistance. Please fill a support ticket https://support.eveonline.com so that they can resolve your issue.

Clasic CCP. You have to always seek GM assistance. Its like CCP likes to torture their GM department and dont like to be efficient, as it would probably take a lot less time to fix this bug than to fix all those peoples bugged accelerators GM have to manually reset. But hey, its GM fault then, that they cant answer fast all those tickets. And players can take it all with smile. :psyccp:

Were you in a citadell when the Accelerator ran out?

There’s definitely more to it than that, I’ve been online twice when mine have expired and immediately used another without a problem. The bug seems to effect some people and not others for no apparent reason.

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