Unable to consume valkyrie cerebral accelerator

I’m unable to consume valkyrie cerebral accelerator for some reason. Game tells me that it is already in use. I’ve already tried to relogin or to change clone. Didn’t help. Any ideas?

Then I can give you a ISK-worth hint, sell the booster in Jita and buy a mini-skill injector, which gives you more SP for the ISK.

Else, I can’t help you with your problem, a support ticket may.

BTW I was finally able to consume booster after downtime



Exact same for me! Don’t even bother to write support tickets, already wrote two, fuckers do not even reply. Seems to be a “known” bug where they ■■■■■■ it up, again …

And no, it’s not ultamitly smart to sell them, depends on the actual market price and the amount of sp u have on your char.

Same Issue here, hopefully it’ll be fixed after current downtime. Not looking forward to it breaking again 48 hours from now, and having to wait ~23 hours for next DT.

Please fix this CCP.

Also, at current Injector prices [w/80+mil SP and Bio V] the break even point is ~225mil per accelerator.

[UPDATE] Worked after DT. I get the feeling this is probably related to other skill cache issues where skills aren’t taking effect until [random amount of time/next DT].

Adding my voice to the choir. Same concern as poster above, not looking forward to having this break again and having to wait ~23 hours. Filed a ticket about 5 1/2 hours before downtime last night and still have no response. Particularly concerning for me because I’m cha/wil, don’t have 365 days of cha primary that I want to train, and am relying on the ability to train 60-80 days of non-cha primary skills over the next year to not get hosed in the deal. :confused:

Edit - It’s also a pretty raw deal that I’ll be setting my alarm for 4am until the 24th now.

I believe that this is related to clone change or capsule death. Got this thing again today. What is the reason to do event booster that don’t even work properly? Love this event so much.

I did not change clones or lose a pod.

+1 23 hours to wait until next DT before I can use the booster. no fix?

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